Travelling and Holidays with Allergies

Really great article here on how to plan ahead and cope if you are going on hols this year or even if you are a person living or travelling abroad for work. Full of tips and experience from Catherine that will help you stay safe:

Travelling with allergies

Not quite so easy for TrulyGlutenFree peeps as avoiding grains and dairy – or even more usually is pretty tough. In that situation, I have to say: book a lovely place with a kitchen and follow Catherine’s advice to immerse yourself in the culture in other ways than the food. Shame but true.

I used to take lots of vac-packed grass-fed meat, some boiled ‘safe’ eggs, chocolate and nuts and even some of my SoLo wine in my suitcase (before the liquids ban) – made for some raised eyebrows when my case was searched, but it was all perfectly legal and do-able. I’d then buy fish, fruit and veg and enjoy the local markets.

Nowadays, sadly, I still have not got tap water back in although bottled water is starting to be OK in glass bottles for now. That makes going abroad very difficult. However, I am still going to cottages in this country with my water filter and book a Sainsbury’s delivery for when I arrive! One day, I shall get back to the villa in Madeira or even catch the ferry to Santander (Spain, not the bank) that goes past my windows twice a day..

Good luck – let us know if you have any other clever tricks to share!

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    1. I’m not sure if that is a joke, Deb! It is liquid so can only go in the hold I presume. You’ll have to neck it before you get on 😉

      1. Oh do you mean you used to take it on in your hand luggage? Last time we went to Portugal for honeymoon 4 years ago almost to the day! I took wine in my suitcase which went in the hold and just wondered if that was still okay to do 🙂

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