Health A-Z

I have been in natural medicine in some way, shape or form now for nigh on 30 years. Which rather dates me! Fourteen of those years have been in full-time practice seeing people like you.

I am gradually writing down what I have learned to give you some practical guidance.

The A-Z here is growing and evolving all the time. Having given up full-time practice a few years ago now, I am now concentrating on writing resources for you. Do bear with me if the one you want isn’t here or has a link gone wrong or something. Just ask on the Facebook group or email me. See Support.

In the A-Z, I am trying to give you practical, useable information you can follow that will truly help. The Treatment Plans and extended Factsheets are for bigger subjects and are based on protocols and info we developed and used in-clinic for years. they are what works for most people. They will save you a ton of time, wrong paths and money, trust me.

You should find some help here if you are tired all the time, get asthma, allergies, aches and pains, can’t conceive, your blood sugar’s up the swanny or whatever so have a good read.

I am building the resources as fast as I can. There is SO much to tell you!