Use It Or Lose It

10 Minute Exercise 3D


Whether we enjoy it or not, exercise is just so important in any number of health issues. It lowers stress, combats depression, aids hormone balance and that’s let alone keeping us trim, toned and looking good.

It’s a no-brainer.

But you don’t have to spend hours sweating it out in the gym. Studies show it’s all about consistency. Simply doing 10 minutes most days is enough to make a huge difference. And that’s why I wrote the free 10 Minute Mind and Body Exercise ebook for you. Read it, start it and reap the benefits of an added 60 hours’ more exercise a year in such a simple, quick fashion.

The best exercise DVD ever in my opinion, is Elle Macpherson’s The Body Workout. Been going for years and still tops the charts. Anything dancy I love. Or simply walk and do some weights. Otherwise, yoga, meditation and pilates DVDs or online classes are good, but I prefer physical classes for these so you can check you’re doing it right.

There are now tons of good free workout resources, including zillions on You Tube. The Sweaty Betty ones are clear and give good guidance. Here’s an abs one to start you off as I know we all think we need those!



Use the fat burning programmes on your gym machines too, much slower but so effective. People think they need to go mad on exercise machines, but if you can keep your pulse rate down, you burn more fat! If you raise your pulse rate up, it is fab for cardiovascular health so try and alternate workouts to do some fat-burning and some cardio.

Exercise for Beginners or Coming out of Illness

Doing that stuff above might be great for some, but if you are feeling weak or very unfit, check this post I wrote out where I include a video anyone can do, with some exercises even if you are lying down.