Holiday Health

Avoid Tummy Upsets

The first thing is to make sure you take some probiotics with you to avoid an upset tummy from different water and microbes. Take one that is stable unrefrigerated whilst you travel and then can be kept cool in a fridge during your hols. A small size one, although most are fine for the trip home as long as you keep them in the hold.

Bitey Things


Going on holiday and want to avoid mosquito and insect bites? B1 (thiamine) is your friend here and you can get gradual release patches or take a supplement like this one. The thiamine is thought to come out through skin, breath and urine and the little blighters hate the smell (although we can’t smell a thing!). It is said to be 96% effective for mosquitos, midges and sandflies.


Because vitamin B1 is water soluble and not stored to any great extent, any excess is eliminated. Therefore, even at high doses, thiamine is safe. In fact, MedlinePlus notes that no known poisoning is linked to vitamin B1. Your body knows how to take the vitamin B1 it needs for optimal function and get rid of the rest. The elimination through the skin is how this works for mossies. Clever, huh?!