Gum (Periodontal) Disease

Gum/Periodontal Disease

picture of person with mouth pain

I’ve had personal experience with this and let me tell you: I know how that woman in the pic feels! Gum disease can be truly painful, and actually can be pretty easy or very complex to solve. Apart from the obvious brushing, flossing, avoiding sweet foods advice, there are quite a few things you can do to help. Here are a few pointers to start you off…

You should obviously be going through your dentist first and foremost for any periodontal issue. However, you tend to get given broad spectrum antibiotics and, if your problem is not responding, what else do you do? I was given an antibiotic that was resistant to my bacteria three times, nuff said.


Natural Remedies For Gum/Periodontal Disease

First, you can download the PDF below and look at the summary of natural remedies that showed up top when I researched the topic on GreenMedInfo for you. It goes most likely to help from top to bottom. You can also click on some of the article links.

The second one is specifically on Periodontal infections.

If you click the Oral Health Guide link in those documents too, it will take you to GMI and show you the vast number of articles available for your perusal.

Next, here is a YouTube video where Dr Michael Murray, a naturopathic doctor in the US who I really rate, is giving a lecture about using nutritional approaches to periodontal disease. He is somewhat of an expert in this area. The detail is quite technical as he is giving the lecture to the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. The quality of the video is not good but you can hear and see him OK. Very useful anyway.

Here, too, are some of my own blog posts that I have written on the subject. To find more, just go to the blog page and use the search box.

Gum Disease: Oil Pulling

Dental and Gum Health: Some Recommendations

Natural Toothpaste Alternative

Finally, weirdly as I was writing this, a very useful piece came through from Mark’s Daily Apple, rather appropriately (although apple won’t sound so good once you’ve read it!). It’s written by a woman who resolved her own oral health problems using a low acid diet, liver, activated charcoal toothpaste and fat soluble nutrients. Have a read:

Beyond Sugar and Soda: Nutritional Cures for Damaged Teeth

JL, who saw this page, wrote in with an extra tip for us:

You might want to add to your list, allergy to common ingredients in regular toothpaste….I had so much gum pain plus lots of sinus\throat\ear infections for years when I realised that I am allergic to sorbitol which is used in almost every dental product! Since I started using more natural products (Tom’s, Nature Gates) my problems went away!

OK, hope all that helps. I shall add more as I find it. Here’s to a pain-free mouth for all!