SIgA (Secretory IgA Imbalance)

Many people have low or high SIgA levels and finding out can be crucial knowledge if you are suffering with sensitivities, allergies, constant inflammation or chronic infection eg. candida or bacterial.

Here’s a very simple way of looking at it – this is what most people want to know right away:

If your SIgA is high, usually this shows your body is actively fighting something and you need to identify the issue and get it dealt with to bring the SIgA level down. Check infection, allergies, coeliac disease, inflammatory bowel disease etc.

In this case, it can be helpful to start to lower the SIgA level with an anti-inflammatory like this.

If your SIgA is low, then your mucosal immunity is not as good as it should be and you can’t fight baddies off as well as you might. Mucosal can mean gut, skin, nose, lungs, eyes, bladder etc – anywhere there is a mucus surface in the body if you like. SIgA also ‘tags’ foods as safe in the gut so, if it is low, this could be making you more sensitive to foods.

In this case, you need to boost SIgA levels to improve immunity. This type of product then works well. (If unavailable, just do a search at ND anyway for glucans and others will come up – there’s been a rush on them for COVID!)

Candida Plan  There is a more specific SIgA protocol in the Candida Plan if you need that, but those two products are key in it. Don’t forget there is a TGF Candida Plan if you need grain and dairy free supplements too.

For more info on this whole subject, do read an article I wrote for on it here: