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I am not an expert in natural veterinary treatment, but there are people who are….

Find a homeopathic vet:

Find an acupuncture vet at or go to for a herbal vet.

I have a really useful book for my cat called Heal Your Cat The Natural Way, which is by vet Richard Allport. You can see all his books here and he also has a great website at

Pet fleas: see this post about controlling them naturally.

Here is a blog post I wrote about the use of Omega 3s to help arthritic doggy joints with a great story from someone who succeeded with their dog.

Your pet food has got to be Nature’s Menu. It has 75% meat content with a few bits of cereal and that’s it. Other, even posh and expensive, pet food only has around 5-10% meat content. No contest. Another one recommended to me by a patient is True Instinct raw cat and dog food.