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Micki Rose, DN (Med), Natural Health Consultant & Writer

My aim with Purehealth is to make sure that people trying to get themselves well can access guidance, supplies, lab tests and support that will truly help.

I have been in natural medicine in some form or another for 30 years, over 20 of those as a full time clinician. I spend my time facilitating tests for you, writing information guides and providing support.

I am a generalist (as much as it would be easier to specialise in something, I am FAR too interested in everything and, actually, things don’t often fit into pretty boxes!), so I can generally help with most things. I have most experience in gut, allergy & intolerance, especially gluten and grain illness, fatigue, trauma-triggered illness and ‘glandular’ problems like adrenals, thyroid etc.

That said, my main forte after all this time is in seeing the ‘big’ picture in a case, looking for what has been missed and helping people to find a way to move forward. That’s how the Case Review came about.

I work by email mostly now, purely because I have a chronic illness myself (MCAS) and I don’t then have to try to be well to fit appointments! It works really well, not least because I usually send links to stuff to read/consider, specific product protocols and we both then have it all written down to refer to! Plus, I’m a writer; I think best on paper, what can I say?!

Information-wise, there is a ton of stuff for you. I’ve written almost 2000 blog posts, 70 factsheets in the A-Z and 17 ebooks and guides for you at the last count, published the Healing Plan with Curlew Books, placed several features in an array of different magazines, been a natural health columnist, agony aunt and much more besides. But there is always so much more to tell you; I can hardly keep up with changes in this field!.

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What you’ll find on this site

There’s tons here to help you. Do have a really good look round. The main bits are:

A-Z of Health

This is full of factsheets on various health subjects like adrenal fatigue, thyroid problems, IBS etc. I am constantly adding and updating them. They are there to help point you in the right direction, show you how to identify, test and treat conditions.

Lab Tests

I have run a lab testing service for over a decade now so I know a LOT about testing! Whilst I focus on the clinic and writing, I have a smaller list of tests that I do directly for you and have set up the Test pages so you can still learn what tests might help and give you an easy way of ordering them direct from the labs. These are affiliate links so I can still stay afloat financially- it makes a big difference, so thank you for using them.


Back by popular demand, I am now doing the ever-popular Ask Mickis, Case Reviews, Test Reports and One-Off Consultations again. You can see support options here.

My own health ‘journey’ (bit X-Factor, that, sorry!)

On a personal health note, I suffered food ‘intolerance’ for many years causing IBS, mouth pain, migraine, chronic fatigue, restless legs, adrenal and hormonal dysfunction and chronic muscle pain to name the main ones! I was latterly left with very few foods, a bony bottom, jeans that fell off me and a sensitivity to the world in general. Nice.

My ‘journey’ as a practitioner has been led by the need to find answers for my own conditions and I now have a ton of knowledge especially in food sensitivity, gluten illness (coeliac and non-coeliac gluten sensitivity, NCGS), histamine intolerance, MCAS, fatigue (especially adrenal and thyroid) and gut issues (IBS, bloating, wind etc). Thankfully, I am now free from most of those conditions and at least know how to continue to manage and work on the remaining bits!

Does she know what she’s talking about..?

Good question. There is an awful lot of rubbish out there. I hope so by now, but check out my testimonials page for what others think. Lump in throat time.

Finding your way through the resources…

Use the search to find articles, research and tips from over 2000 blog posts and hunt through the Health A-Z here. I am bound to have written about it somewhere!

If you’re not sure where to begin, start with the core approaches that I’ve found work for the vast majority of people:

Home page flow chart

If you have a specific condition and want to read up about it, check the A-Z.

If you are feeling TATT (tired all the time), have some gut issues like wind and bloating, need to lose a bit of weight, especially on your tummy, and generally feel you need an MOT. Or, you want a foundational sort-out kind of approach, do the Gut Plan and the Belly Fat Plan (I must change that name; it’s not just for weight loss!). This was the approach we gave 90% of patients in-clinic, no matter what they came in with. It sorts out most of the core issues.

If you have a chronic illness or a complex condition, especially one of the syndromes like ME, chronic fatigue, multiple intolerance (to foods, chemicals etc), fibromyalgia, anxiety disorders, you need the TrulyGlutenFree Gluten Plan (in fact, not just about gluten, what am I like?!) and the Healing Plan.

There are other specific plans like the Adrenal Plan, Candida Plan and tons of other free and paid-for ebooks, but those two approaches are the most applicable to most people.

I hope that helps – if you look, I promise you’ll find some help here.

If you’re not sure where to start, need a helping hand through the maze, a second opinion or some fresh eyes, or you simply need someone to explain your test results or answer a question, book some Support here or email me at micki@purehealthclinic.co.uk and I’ll guide you.


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