Head shot of Micki Rose
Micki Rose, DN (Med), Natural Health Consultant & Writer

My aim with Purehealth has always been to support  people trying to get themselves well. 

I have been in natural medicine in some form or another for 30 years, over 20 of those as a full time clinician. I founded Purehealth Clinic and TrulyGlutenFree, have also been a features writer, columnist, blogger, awards judge, teacher, speaker and agony aunt – and loved every minute of it! 

I trained originally with Professor Plaskett, a renowned biochemist and naturopathic doctor, eons before natural health degrees and such like existed. I have trained in loads of other stuff and sort of built up my own clinic skills to fit what I wanted to offer – a truly ‘helicopter’ view of health. If I’m not trained in it, I usually know enough to recognise an issue and be able to refer/advise. I’m essentially a functional medicine practitioner before the term was coined!

My main therapy is nutritional therapy with a naturopathic bias. I used to also practice as a remedial massage therapist, NAET practitioner, aromatherapist and homotoxicologist. I set up a natural health centre with acupuncturists, osteopaths counsellors etc, but now tend to work from my little office by the sea over email.

My (now) husband joined me as a clinical hypnotherapist for years (he’s now a voiceover!) and I am well-versed in trauma-triggered illness, sadly because I have it myself. My specialisms are gut issues, gluten related illness (non coeliac gluten sensitivity), allergy/intolerance, fatigue (especially glandular as in adrenals/thyroid), but I’m fascinated by most areas. I’m currently completing some advanced functional medicine practitioner courses with the Kharrazian Institute, simply because I think they are pretty much the best in the world and there is always more to learn!

I tend to think a bit outside the box and, after 30 years, my real strength is seeing the overall picture and finding what may have been missed, or a different kind of approach to ‘unlock’ a person and get them on the way to wellness.

I offer 1:1 email services including consultations, case reviews, test reports and the ever-popular Ask Mickis. I offer case support for practitioners. I run a lab test service for anyone (no need to be a current patient) and write tons of guides as free and low cost factsheets and ebooks, and the A-Z on the site , which I seem to update daily! (Hover to reveal the menu and all the pages). I natter constantly on my Facebook page, too.

If you like what I do, or I’ve helped you or a loved one, please buy me a coffee and help me keep it all going. Bless your cotton socks for helping and thank you from everyone who benefits x