Erectile Dysfunction

I’ve been asked about this a few times across my career, and I know it is pretty distressing when it happens. Thankfully, it’s also quite easy to do something about in most cases.

People always want a quick fix for this and I recommend Libido-Stim, which can help. This will help if low testosterone and oestrogen dominance is an issue particularly. However, don’t miss out the causes, and do something about them…

My usual approach is to check for underlying causes – which might be stress, a lack of DHEA to make testosterone out of, oestrogen dominance, depression, a lack of zinc, cardio problems, low thyroid etc and correct anything found there.

The most common finding is that DHEA is low. You can test that using an Adrenal Test. I find it low a lot. It is basically a precursor to making testosterone. Check this out especially if your testosterone is on the low side of normal, not just way out. In that case, use the DHEA Boosting protocol in the Adrenal Plan to correct it. Don’t take it unless you’ve tested – you don’t want your hormones over-egged. That’s just as much a problem as if they’re low.

Is Erectile Dysfunction A Sign Of Cardio Problems Developing?

Yes, it certainly can be. One common cause of ED is vascular ie. a lack of blood flow to the penis. This can happen because of so-called ‘endothelial ED’, which is much more prevalent than people think. It’s sort of an inflammatory process plus low levels of nitric oxide. Interestingly, Endothelial ED is termed ‘painless angina’ because often the first place a cardio problem will show is in the tiny blood vessels of the penis.

Here’s a two-part article for you on that. Do read it.

When More Testosterone Doesn’t Help Erectile Health – Part 1 of 2

Improving Erectile Health – Part 2 of 2

If you feel that cardiovascular issues could be a part of your picture, check. See the Cardio tests here. I truly wish more people would do them as they give such a lot of useful information, and we could ward off future problems if we just had that teensy bit of information to hand.

If you need to improve your nitric oxide and vascular circulation levels, try this kind of thing by DoH. You’ll need to register using 4Y2AE7 the first time if you wish to trigger commission for me for the research/writing, ta.