See the Gut Plan generally and I have also written an article called All Bunged Up and No Way To Go that sets out lots of tips and ideas on constipation for you.


Here’s the intro to start you off..


My name is Michaela Rose and I’m obsessed with bowels. There, I’ve said it. Better out than in. I’ve often been caught by my other half reading Better Bowel Management in bed hidden behind the pages of Woman & Home. Not very romantic, I’ll admit, but it is so fascinating!

Seriously, it doesn’t matter what someone comes in to see me about, as a naturopathically-trained nutritionist, I will always look to the bowel first. Health really does start with the bowel and, as anyone who has ever suffered from chronic constipation knows, it is no joke. 

It is important if you suffer from bowel problems, especially if you see black stools or blood, to get yourself checked out by your GP. Not doing so is daft. They won’t be fazed, so there’s no need to feel embarrassed. For the purposes of this article, I’m going to assume you’ve checked that constipation isn’t a side effect of any drugs you’re on, that nothing untoward has been found and there’s no evidence of colitis, Crohn’s, inflammatory disease, coeliac disease, MS, Parkinson’s or cancer. So I am talking here about idiopathic constipation; in other words, no-one knows what’s causing it.

What exactly is constipation? 

It might seem obvious, but it isn’t as straightforward as it seems….

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