Autism, ADHD & Behavioural Issues

Autism, ADHD & Behavioural Disorders

This is not one of my specialist fields, but I can point you in the right direction.

Here are some links to great resources that should help you:

The National Autistic Society

A BBC Health page on Autism and Asperger Syndrome, a good introduction

Autism Research Centre – a more scientific look at the subject

FoodsMatter – research reports, causes, management and links with vaccines, food sensitivity, gluten etc

These flyers, albeit from Spectracell, a nutritional testing company, I think are an excellent aide-memoire for the nutrition connections with autism (and ADHD). Could give you a place to start. I do now offer their test actually because it is the only one where I have found intracellular vitamins and other elements like CoQ10, the key antioxidants like glutathione and E Complex, plus carbohydrate and fructose sensitivity in one test. You can read about it here; it is pricey but it is cutting edge too.

The Autism Wheel

Nutritional Considerations for Autism and ADHD

Another good resource is Food For The Brain. Check their autism section out here. You can also see their info on the Brain Bio Clinic in London, who work in this type of field.

Dr Myhill is worth looking into and it might also be worth researching Dr William Walsh’s approaches too; he is doing some interesting work.

There is a fabulous article written about the work of the original pioneer for using orthomolecular medicine (ie. nutritional therapy) for behavioural issues in children on WDDTY. You do have to subscribe to read it – do a trial, maybe – but it gives hope and specific recommendations for treatment so I’ve included it here for you. Have a read: Magic Bullet.

Having read this page, contacted me to suggest some other useful articles. I particularly found these two full of practical information:

Reduce The Noise: Help Loved Ones With Sensory Overload Enjoy Shopping

Parents Guide to Understanding and Coping with ADHD

I hope that helps.