If you need some help, you can email me at or live chat me. Leave me a message and I’ll get back to you if I’m offline. I’m usually pretty quick. By popular demand, I am once again offering Support options, including the ever-popular Ask Micki, plus Test Reports, One-Off Consults, Case Reviews and Progress Reviews.

If you have a question about lab tests, you can see the new test factsheets and buy them here.  Most are now ordered direct to save me admin time :). Please do read the test page summaries and FAQ before emailing or I get inundated, thanks.​

If you have a question on a medical condition, check the 70+ factsheets in the A-Z,  search the 2000+ posts on the blog and see if I’ve written a book or factsheet on it; I usually have, I’ve been doing this 30 years!

Want to know who I am and about PurehealthCheck here.​

To check cautions and med-supplement interactions, see here: Cautions & Contraindications of Nutrients. There is also a good drug-supplement checker here at Medscape. And another for more US drugs here.

Hope that helps!


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