This is such a HUGE topic and, to help, I have written two books for you.


How to eat well 3D


This is my 87 page healthy eating recipe book, packed full of all the hints and tips I give to patients every day. It focuses particularly on organic, wheat free, dairy free, blood sugar balancing eating, which I have found, for many people, quickly sorts out a lot of health problems like mood swings, bloating and bowel complaints.

You can follow the allergy side of it or just follow the healthy eating guidelines. Includes menu plans, larder lists, loads of tips, recipes etc.

Next, we have….

Belly Fat 3D

The Belly Fat Plan is quite simply the best approach we found for weight loss in over a decade in-clinic.

First, it removes the common allergens that cause bloating, water retention and ‘intolerance’ weight gain; what I term the ‘stuffed cushion’ look – a layer of fat which is actually water and swelling resulting from a sensitivity reaction you don’t know you’re having. It is really common, yet no-one knows..

Second, it encourages a blood-sugar, insulin-balancing, adrenal-supportive type diet which is higher protein and lower carb. It’s the excess insulin that causes the gain particularly around the belly.

It’s also really useful for those needing a gluten and dairy free diet even if you need to gain or lose weight. The weight balances because you are eating healthily so people lose if they need to and don’t if they don’t, if you see what I mean.

Hope they help.