Treating Allergy & Intolerance

Allergy Treatments

There are loads of different allergy treatments around and I will use this page to try and point out some of the ones I think may have merit.

For now, the best approach is to avoid the culprits obviously, but I know that can sometimes be easier said than done when you have 40 of them or they’re airborne etc!


Treatment-wise for me, it is a must to repair the body hyper-permeability, re-establish the gut flora, calm inflammation and support the unbalanced hyperactive immune response. That takes time and commitment but you essentially have to stop the substances getting through in the first place and then stop the body seeing it as an enemy.


All of that is covered with detailed testing and treatment protocols in my Gluten Plan. Ignore the name; I just haven’t had chance to write it up as the Allergy Plan yet but, I promise you, when I do, it won’t be very different to this so it is all there for you already. Concentrate on the Determining Your Diet, Digestion, Malabsorption, Gut, Liver, Infections and Barrier Therapy sections particularly alongside the core nutrient protocol given.


In fact, it’s not as daft as it sounds since we already know that gluten is the biggest hidden cause of hyper-permeability (leaky gut, blood-brain barrier etc) there is. And most people think they are not gluten-sensitive because all they have been tested for it coeliac disease – and then very unreliably – (don’t set me off: this is a hobby-horse of mine, see my TrulyGlutenFree section!)


Some of this is also in the free Allergy 101 Factsheet so don’t forget to read that too.


As a support to that, there are several therapies that I have seen help some, but not everyone over the years. Remember, these are the more esoteric types of approaches and are controversial in many cases but I offer some info and links for you in case they help. Do your research and talk to the practitioners to see if it resonates with you. I have seen the potential of some of them for yself, but it is not easy for us multiple sensitives still!


This is Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique. I am trained in it and used it for a few years although I don’t practice it now (no time!).


My Verdict: I think this can work wonderfully if you have a few individual sensitivities like cat dander or a food or two. I saw it clear those easily within a couple of sessions. It is not so good, though, for those with multiple sensitivity as it becomes very lengthy, costly and complex with combinations, and I found people, including me, didn’t hold their treatments for very long in that case.


You might like to read my articles about it, written at the time I was practicing and trying it for myself.


NAET: An Introduction


NAET: A Year On


The update on the update is that, sadly, my improvements didn’t hold. I could have had regular repeat treatments, and maybe I should have, but it would have cost me my house I reckon. But then I am very severe; it may be fine for you.


More info:

AAT (Advanced Allergy Therapeutics)

I have no experience of this as it is mainly in the US, but I have been told by a few of you that it is helping. As far as I understand it, it is similar to NAET but slightly different. You would need to talk to a practitioner to get the details.


More info:



NES Wellness Machine

This is an energy treatment again but this time using a machine rather than chiropractic-type moves on the body as with NAET above. You are scanned with the machine, imbalances identified and homeopathic energy type ‘infoceuticals’ are made for you to take.


My Verdict: I have had a test scan and was quite amazed at what it picked up but I was unable to tolerate the infoceuticals themselves annoyingly because of the tiny amount of grain alcohol used as a preservative/carrier! Although they have brought out a water and sodium only base now so I should probably try again.


Others of you have been doing really well with it, though, although it is not a quick fix by any means.


More info: