My Faves

I am always asked to recommend stuff so here are some of my favourite things. Just for you. Enjoy!

Fave Books

I’m gradually building a list of my favourite books for you. Check it out on (This is an affiliate link so I get a few pennies if you buy from here. I chose here instead of Amazon to support local booksellers and the writers more!) And, of course, there are the books I’ve written too. Just sayin’. You’ll find them all here.

Fave Recipes

See my Pinterest boards here – thousands of healthy and freefrom/special diet ideas there for you to try. Michelle also has a load of freefrom recipes on her FoodMatters site. Check the Books above too where I’ve put some of my fave cookbooks.

Fave Lab Tests

See my top picks in each medical category on the shop here. I update constantly to make sure we are on top of current thinking and research.

Fave Supplements

Gosh, so many! For now, go to my fave supplier here; you’ll not go wrong there as they are professional standard aimed at practitioners. Please use Micki Rose when registering and I get a tiny commission, thank you. I’ll see if I can set up a specific list for you somehow, too. For a good all-round supplement programme, see the Wellbeing Protocol here. Don’t forget to check out the zillions of factsheets and blog posts where I constantly recommend stuff too. Use the search button above to find what you need easily.

Fave Videos

I am starting to add fave videos I think you might like to the Extras playlist on my Youtube channel. You’ll find my videos there too. Here they are.