Diabetes Type 2

The sad fact is that Type 2 diabetes is a growing epidemic in westernised countries and, even sadder, is that it is entirely preventable in most cases. I like it when someone contacts me about it as I can honestly say I have always managed to get them to improve their scores and, often, avoid life medication.

It’s such a big topic, I am writing a factsheet on it. For now,  you might want to look at the Belly Fat Plan below to start you off. Ignore the title; this just happens to be a low blood-sugar, insulin-balancing, low glycaemic type diet, very similar to the diet we recommend for Type 2 diabetes. Doesn’t matter if you have belly fat or not; it will be a great diet for you. Check it out.

The other thing to think about is taking a good blood-sugar-regulating multi vitamin and mineral supplement such as this. Diabetics have an increased need for certain nutrients and this kind of multi is a good foundation product. Don’t take it with diabetes medication, though, and discuss with your chosen health practitioners.

Here, too, is some info on using a specific form of B1, benfotiamine, which I think has real potential – some posts I’ve written on it here. And an interesting case article here:

Benfotiamine in the Management of Insulin Resistance in Type II Diabetes: A Personal Account

Belly Fat Plan cover

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