NAFLD Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Bit of a mouthful, that name, but essentially it means fatty liver – which you would think only affects alcohol abusers, but you would be wrong. In fact, many people are showing signs of this – even children, worryingly! – but often it is asymptomatic so hidden.


The problem is that our liver has a lot to cope with nowadays, not least fructose, which can cause the same issues with fatty liver as alcohol, hence the children issue. Meds, recreational drugs, environmental and food chemicals and additives all contribute, let alone constipation, poor gut environment etc etc.

So, how would you know you had it? And what would you do about it if you had?

Here’s a useful intro for you on the subject with test results that might suggest an issue, plus suggested supplemental protocols, but do be led by your health professional always obviously. The supplements come from NutriLink (please give my name when registering).

NAFLD Summary

Hope that helps. The other way to help yourself here is with the Gut Plan, which I designed to address gut, digestive and liver issues. I’ve been doing that one for years successfully.