Menopause:The Big Change

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An enormous issue this and I get asked about it all the time. Too complex to deal with here in any really useful manner so I have written a free Menopause Factsheet for you.

  • What is it?
  • Why does it happen?
  • What about HRT?
  • Is natural progesterone really natural?
  • What are my options?
  • Plus a breakdown of the most useful alternative approaches, diet and recommended supplements and tests


Here is a useful bit from the remedies section for you:

Many herbs are what are known as ‘adaptogenics’; in other words, they help the body adapt to change and balance itself. I would recommend a mixture of herbs like Natural Health Practice’s Meno Herbal Support (designed by Dr Marilyn Glenville) which contain many of the traditional ‘women’s’ herbs like sage, hops, dandelion root etc. Or Higher Nature’s Menopause Relief, based on Black Cohosh, is also excellent.

Ginkgo biloba can also be very useful if you suffer from cold hands and feet, poor circulation generally, poor memory and an inability to focus or concentrate. Take a standardised dose for at least 12 weeks since some people take longer to respond to it than others, although you should notice a difference after a couple of weeks.

Essential oil mixes can also be very helpful and can be put into lotions to be massaged in as part of your normal routine, or you can inhale them or use them in the bath. Oils that are most useful, although mixes are generally made to suit the individual, include those which act like oestrogens in the body – clary sage, sage, fennel and niaouli, those that support the ovaries including rose and peppermint, those that help anxiety and irritability including ylang ylang, bergamot and the chamomiles, especially German, and those that are generally balancing, like geranium.

Massaging 10 drops of cypress in hypericum oil over the lower abdomen will slow a heavy period in around 30 minutes! Putting 1 drop of spikenard in your belly button will ease cramping.

Homeopathic remedies can be useful – Heels Klimaktheel is a complex homeopathic designed especially for menopausal support and we find it very effective, especially if you are anxious and irritable. Not quite so easy to get now in the UK, though I can get some for you if you ask.

And not forgetting that distressing drop in libido, try Libido Support for Women.

Some of the most common single remedies used include:

sepia (flushing, heavy periods, headaches, easily depressed),

lachesis (flooding, irritability, flushes, headache on waking),

pulsatilla (fair haired who cry easily), ….


You can download the whole factsheet here – and don’t forget to read about Osteoporosis too as it’s important post-menopause. That’s also a freebie for you.

To get the stuff mentioned, take a look here.