Heart Disease


Despite all the emphasis on cancer, the plain truth is that far more people have and die of heart disease than the Big C. Sometimes, I think heart disease has got lost in all the cancer furore, but it most certainly has not gone away.

Heart Disease is preventable, simple as, and we should all be doing much more to stop it.  There is a ton to say on this subject but here are a couple of journal articles to help you see the angles you could come at it.

Beyond Cholesterol
by Chris D. Meletis, ND and Kimberly Wilkes

Stop Fixing the Adaptive Response:
Why Cardiovascular Disease Should Be Named Chronic Scurvy

by Daniel Cobb, OMD

A lot of that makes a lot of sense to me.

I’ve put some cardiovascular tests on the Specific Health Conditions section here for you. Those are some of the most advanced tests you can get and will measure a lot of what those two articles are talking about. You can also see Nutrient tests here for magnesium or CoQ10 levels, for example.

It’s not (just or even!) about cholesterol. It’s a fact that about 50% of heart attack sufferers show normal levels of the traditional markers tested such as cholesterol – but I’ve done a Cholesterol factsheet here for you, and another on High Blood Pressure in case those are useful too.

Also check my blog posts – I’ve written several times on heart disease.

Heart disease can be prevented with the right diet and lifestyle. You can also use substances such as beta sitosterol, bromelain and flavonoids as part of a protection protocol.

Here’s a really useful video and blog post about reducing your risk, especially if you think it runs in the family:

The Biggest “Drug” to Reverse or Prevent Heart Disease Isn’t a Medication

For those who have already experienced heart disease, angina or stroke, certain herbs such as hawthorn and substances like CoQ10 or bromelain can make a real difference.

Here is a piece giving you three steps to follow to prevent or reverse congestive heart disease:

The Diet-Heart Myth: How to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Naturally

Some useful supplement ideas include these Cardio Nutrients and I usually add the sterol product mentioned there too. Omega oils are also important.

I hope that all helps to start you off. Do, of course, talk to your practitioner and doctor about this – these are ideas for you to think about but they have your individual case.