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Meds & Interactions Checker

It can be really important sometimes to check if there are any interactions between things you are taking, especially a combination of medicines. Recent studies suggest this is a huge issue, especially in older people whose prescriptions are often quite complex and multi-layered.

In addition, taking certain supplements with meds can cause problems; in the main the supplement is doing its job well and can mean you don’t need as much of the medicine dose. I do see this quite often, so it is best to be aware of what you are using in combinations and do a quick check.

Obviously, talk to your health professionals about this and never lower or change a dose of anything on your own. Remember, there is no substitute for a healthy diet. And it is always best to talk to a nutritionist or your GP before taking anything, especially if you are on other meds, pregnant or trying to get pregnant.

For ease, here is a useful Meds Checker for you from Medscape, just click on the image:


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Here, too is some other useful info on supplement/med combos.

First of all, many medicines can actually cause a depletion or need for certain vitamins and minerals. Statins depleting the important heart nutrient CoQ10, for example, is a really well known one.

There is a useful summary of common nutrient-drug depletions here.

Supplement cautions.

You’d have to really go some to do yourself any harm with supplements but don’t underestimate them; they are powerful and can be life-changing.

I’ve popped a summary of supplement cautions here for you to downloadRead this and check if what you plan to take will affect anything else you are taking or if there are any official advisory statements you should be aware of.