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After nearly three decades in natural medicine and helping thousands of people 1:1 and in groups, I now run this as a virtual service to help people taking responsibility for their own health access the resources they need, including lab tests, information, supplies and support from our team of professionals.

Functional Medicine

Explore the huge A-Z of health, thousands of blog posts and download any of our free or paid-for Purehealth and TrulyGlutenFree factsheets and ebooks.

Access over 100 lab tests, done postally, available in the UK and some in Europe.

We have a team of functional medicine and nutritional therapy experts on hand to help you – all work virtually so it doesn’t matter where you live.

Find trusted supplement suppliers, non-toxic toiletries and TrulyGlutenFree (grain/dairy free) toiletries


Mind-Body Medicine

Physical, functional or biochemical medicine is only half of the answer. To be effective, medicine also needs to address subconscious behaviour patterns, conditioned responses, beliefs, associations, fears and anxieties. For example: ‘I will never get well’ or ‘If I eat this food, I will react’ or ‘I can’t lose weight, nothing works’ or similar. Many totally unconconscious patterns repeat ad nauseum and keep us from getting where we want to. More than that, this kind of work simply speeds healing and recovery up.

Check out Why Mind-Body Medicine? and the Five-Step Healing Plan.

Don’t underestimate this like I did!


If you need help, you can access appointments face to face or by Skype, phone, email with me or one of our team of professionals here. I chose them to work with me because they are very good at what they do and our skills dovetail nicely. We are all functional medicine practitioners and have different specialisms. Check out who you think ‘fits’ with what you need. You can also find a local practitioner there too.

If you have a test query, read the Test FAQ – we’ve tried to cover everything, and I mean everything; get a cuppa before you scroll through! You can see all the tests, read our overviews and order here.

If you have an ebook query, read the Ebook FAQ. You can see all the free and paid-for factsheets, ebooks and plans in one place here.

Join the Facebook groups. There are many people who are going through or have been through the very thing you are. To help peer to peer support and sharing, I have set up some closed (and therefore very private!) Facebook groups. I keep them relatively small deliberately and we are now like family! Join the Purehealth Facebook Group or the TrulyGlutenFree one for gluten and grain-sensitive people. They are a fabulous bunch and extremely supportive and knowledgeable. Join and add to it!

Use Live Chat. If I’m at my desk and am not knee-deep in thought about something, it’ll be on. If I’m with someone, out or out of office hours, doing one of your calls etc, leave me a message.

If you’re still stuck after all that lot, contact me at micki@purehealthclinic.co.uk or Live Chat message me. Any personal data you give will be used by Purehealth Clinic. Here is our Privacy Policy.

OK, hope that helps – and we look forward to helping you! Meantime, stay in touch and join over 3000 other members of the Purehealth family..




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