I just wanted to drop a note and let you know how helpful your videos and interpretive guide has been for my learning process! The way that you break it down and explain everything is extremely beneficial to understanding these complicated pathways.  [YT here], A, Nov 23

You know how much you’ve done for me and S. Forever grateful 🩷x N, Nov 23

My husband found your website via one of the videos he watched. He found your explanations clear and a lot more digestible compared to others… [DUTCH test video], A, Oct 23

I always appreciate the open and fair way you offer tests to UK clients with all the different labs… without the truly ridiculous markups that some practitioners do.​ D, Oct 23

Just watched your YouTube video too, just brilliant! [Gut Tests Video}, S, Sep 23

Truly Gluten free FB page has been a total life saver for me – if it wasn’t for you and those chatting i don’t know where I would be now – a bigger mess than I am atm. The advise and comradeship was wonderful and very needed. i just want to thank you so much for facilitating the facebook pages and for all your hard work and input over the years. Thank you thank you Micki for all that you do and all that you are – you are making a difference to people’s lives and that is wonderful! Keep going and doing what you believe is right. There are answers to things the doctors cannot give and you give hope to those of us who are trying to find them. You are wonderful and have a wonderful aim!” N, Sep 23

“I find the information you send out very useful, so I am pleased to have a way for monthly support.”​ M, Aug 23

Thank you! This is very good feedback, just what I needed. It’s also much better to get it in writing otherwise it’s so easy to forget things! M, July 23 after Case Review

You’re brilliant! (Symptoms improving within days, sent £30 donation as BIG THANKS! xxx). L, July 23

I would never have got this far without your help and advice. I will forever be in your debt. Bless your awesome cotton socks! K, June 23

Thank you SO much for following this up for me Micki! I’m hugely grateful for this and all the wisdom you put on your website and you tube. B, May 23 after a mini consult

I am a Nutritional Therapist and came across Micki’s resources when researching the pros and cons of certain functional tests for clients. What a treasure chest of information!!!! Micki’s resources are incredible. She has a wealth of knowledge and expertise plus a huge library of resources that she generously shares or offers as paid downloads. I got in touch with Micki and she mentored me through one of my more complex cases. I thoroughly recommend this service to other practitioners. Its a great support system and Micki encourages you to go deeper and think outside of the box. She offers suggestions and links for further reading which helps you cut through to the relevant scientific research to support to your clients and their conditions. (Helped a practitioner with a complex case, S, May 23)

I am going to print your plan today as there’s so much good stuff in there!  You are amazing. (re Healing Plan, N, Jan 23)

The response to my query was very informative.. As ever Micki is very thorough – she knows her trade inside out and is very professional but also very approachable – she will go to the ends of the earth to help you as much as she can and in my case asked another professional for their opinion. I honestly cannot fault the service she gives and I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who needs assistance. J, Dec 22 after an Ask Micki

I feel better than I have in the last two years thanks to following your advice and recommendations. It’s the best Christmas present ever – feeling SO much better and having dramatically reduced symptoms – so wanted to tell you on Christmas morning and say Happy Christmas to you and yours. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for being an AMAZING source of support and for providing absolutely outstanding advice and assistance to your clients / patients. All best wishes for a happy and healthy 2023! R, Dec 22

…ordering, purchasing, communication and test process couldn’t be better explained, very happy. All other resources: so much insight and new / latest understanding, it is so very eye opening and interesting. F, Nov 22

“Just to say thanks very much for your comprehensive report. I really appreciate the informed advice, when I realise what the road ahead was looking like.” M. Oct 22, after a Case Review. Picked up early stage multiple autoimmune disorders so VERY useful as we can now try to offset and reverse as much as we can.

…feel like I am finally finding what is at the root of my various symptoms, I cannot thank you
enough. A, Sep 22

Have to say your advice around the trauma work has been an absolute game changer for me. Can’t believe what a difference it’s made, am so grateful you spotted that. MH Sep 22

Thanks very much for the recent test results and for having the instincts and insights to point me in the right direction. MB, Sep 22

I love your booklets – perfect balance of tips and technical information and pointers, superb work. M Aug 22

Forget any thoughts of imposter syndrome!! You are THE go to nutritionist! Always have total confidence in your abilities. You’ve helped me tremendously. Many many failed! With over confidence…All the best, R, June 22.  

Thanks for all you do Micki. I shudder to think what position I’d be in if I hadn’t found you all those years ago to help. G, June 22. Gulp.

5 x coffees as you are always so helpful in answering any questions I post – we need to support you. J, June 22

I always refer to your work when I’m trying to figure something out – I love it and it is very useful, thank you!” G, June 22 (just bought an ebook)

Oh my word – you are amazing….this is super helpful. Thank-you so very, very much. N, 60 min email time, a colleague I helped with ideas for a case.

…superb insight and analysis as always! No waffle and all relevant and highly useful. Fantastic service. R, May 22 (Ask Micki)

I recommend you to everyone I know who wants info/help on their health (I’m a nurse so that’s quite a lot of people!). You do great work and I’m so grateful for your website. S, May 22

I continue to be amazed how the depth and breath of your newsletters
and the wonderful information that you share. Are your days 36 hours in the UK?!! From J, a naturopathic US doc, April 22

Love reading monthly newsletters. Keeps me informed. I’ve been on thyroxin for over 10 years and never questioned it. Now I know what questions to ask. K, Mar 22

Fantastic support from Micki in reporting on my recent hormone test. She explained everything in a very understandable way by examining in great detail while reporting on what this may mean in terms of the bigger picture.  I will definitely be back, Micki is amazingly knowledgeable and has a great way of explaining the technical aspects in a meaningful way with really useful solutions (and resources) in terms of what to do about it! Purchasing the Lab Test Report has been invaluable for me…I am thrilled with the info you have provided….I think it’s fabulous that you actually turn your expertise into resources, free and paid. N, Australia.

This is fascinating. I will have a proper read shortly. Thanks so much for looking at everything. I really do appreciate it and that you have explained things in a way that I can understand with suggestions for moving forward. There are a few things that resonate/pennies dropping. So glad I asked you! N, Mar 22, after a test report

I also wanted to say thank you for all your support, hard to express how much it means to me. M, Mar 22

Your ongoing really really helpful information has saved my sanity in many ways over the years – very many thanks!! J, Mar 22 (bought some factsheets)

These two boys are people with celiac disease who have gotten this strong over the years. Without your TGF supplement list, this would have been much more difficult. So grateful for your amazing work. I appreciate you. S, Mar 22, sent me a picture of her two strapping lads doing a sponsored run for Ukraine 🙂

I just wanted to let you know that it I just finished reading through your book the other day, and I thought it was marvellous. So full of practical tips, especially for those that are struggling with reactivity to those things that would, in another state, help them to recover. Thank you so much for writing it and passing on all the wisdom of your experience. G Mar 22 re Healing Plan: https://purehealthshop.ecwid.com/The-Healing-Plan-p82307061

I have just watched one of your videos that gives an overview of the DUTCH test and I cannot tell you what a relief it is to hear someone explain this….your video has been the most useful thing i have found online regarding DUTCH interpretation.  Thank goodness for you! N, Mar 22

Some words to just let you know, that your attitude for responding so quickly to my emails and being so helpful in any regard has deeply impressed me and made me very, very grateful. I, Mar 22

Your website is always my first port of call for useful pointers on how to address health issues naturally. Keep up the good work! L, Jan 22

Just wanted to say, having dipped in and out of your advice in recent months, thanks so much this year for all the excellent advice, help and support you’ve offered via email and ask Micki’s/reports. Prior to finding you, I had a 7 session program with a highly qualified and rated nutritionist which produced limited success. Expensive, and didn’t get far…So I wanted to thank you for helping me with my symptoms which were, before I came across you, significantly worse than they are now. What this has meant in practise is that I feel less discomfort… I am performing better at work, and have recently started a new relationship…These are… as a result of help from YOU Micki!! So thank you so so much and I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and all best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2022! R, Dec 21

Many thanks for the factsheet, it is very helpful on a confusing subject. The list of helpful supplements is particularly useful. G, Nov 21 re Histamine Factsheet

Thanks so much for all the research and posts that you do, it’s a life line for those of us that want to deepen our understanding of what ails us, so that we can help ourselves when no one else does. V, Nov 21

I recently bought your gut test guide and candida guide. Both are fabulous! J, Nov 21

Micki – Thanks so much – you are such a gift to us with all your generosity and experience! Z, Oct 21

I was reading through your guides I bought – really interesting indeed. Very informative. R, Oct 21

Impeccable service as usual, thank you!  Downloaded to assist a chum with long Covid and no computer.  Full of helpful information and encouragement, as you have been right through this (ongoing) saga.  She is already feeling more hopeful, which is great to see. J, after downloading the Covid Factsheet, Oct, 21

Hello there, I just watched your fantastic videos explaining the GI 360 tests! They have been such great help…Your website is bursting with such fantastic information, thank you so much for being such a guiding light! 😃 S, Oct 21

“Wow, you’re incredible! Thank you so much for this Micki and I am really glad I came to you.” After a Case Review. How lovely. J Aug 21

Thanks for your help and know that you’re making a huge difference to my life with the information that you get out there. A, July 21

..such a super service whereby you can tap into your expertise. I’ve sent [an extra] £6 as a token of my appreciation- perhaps have a coffee and a GF slice of cake somewhere on me!” Yum. I shall. 😋 R, after a Test Report and Ask Micki

Having come across Micki on YouTube and seen her knowledge and understand of digestive problems I was really pleased to be able to gain her insight in relation to my own test results. And I’m really pleased I have because I have obtained a thorough understanding of my results to increase my awareness of what is going on. Service was prompt, friendly, no messing about and communication was excellent. Highly recommended. R, after Test Report

I don’t normally wire money ever to someone I’ve seen on the internet I haven’t even spoke to but I trust my instincts in life and pleased on this occasion I did!!!, July 21

Thanks so much for your report, so fast. Its amazing that you can be so accurate so quickly!!” July 21, after Case Review.

Can’t thank you enough for your reply.  It is so very informative!  I will need to read it multiple times in order to understand it better.  I wish I could become your patient!  I badly need someone with your expertise, June 21 after Case Review.

I’m glad I found you, you talk such good common sense based on the science and chemistry. June 21

Many thanks for your extremely wonderful ideas.  I really appreciate your suggestions. S, April, 21, after Case Report

You can be the most amazing intolerance and gluten sensitive lady. There is only one Micki Rose and I don’t actually know anyone else with the same wealth of knowledge in the field. You’ve taught me so much. But THE MOST important thing you told me and which I fought against for a long time. For years in fact, was the internal healing and emotional baggage we might need to sort out before we can heal the rest of us. It’s so important and I’m getting there. Ruth at What Allergy.com, she was compiling a list of the top women in allergy. Mar 21

I came to you nearly 4 years ago, eating 9 foods …. That conversation with you literally changed my life and started me on a path I’d never have gone down otherwise. I’m still on the journey and still sensitive to things but nowhere like I was. G Mar 21

Finding your site has been life changing for me as I’ve now truly eliminated gluten and feel well again. A, Mar 21

…enjoying all your writing and video making! A wonderful resource for people. Bless you. KN, Jan 21

Thank you for writing the books and all the other material. It is clear you have dedicated a huge amount of time and effort into trying to help others which means a lot to people like myself! K, Jan 21

I have been so grateful to all of your support throughout this Micki – bless you bless you, K Oct 20

You create such wonderful resources and write in such a great way which is easy to understand yet still scientific. Your website is such a brilliant wealth of information, thank you for everything you do. ” Aw shucks 😁 P, Oct 20

If this diagnosis shows up, I need your feet to kiss them!…….
Bless you for having this website, it’s the only one to actually offer what is required. C, Sep 20

It’s so valuable that I’ve ordered a paperback version and told 4 friends about it….I’m really excited and hopeful! Thanks for your extremely helpful resource!!” Re my 8 step healing book: http://curlewbooks.com/books/8-step-healing-plan-recovery-from-chronic-illness-with-mind-body-medicine/ D, Sep 20

I found you because I put in a search and your site came up, SO I came for your words, but I stayed glued because I love your face and your smile… I want you to know, I am grateful for all your time and help.” S, Aug 20 😊

Nice article…I so value your website and book and pamphlets. I teach women self care during the hormonal changes of menopause (ages 35 to 65) and often refer women to your site as a resource…and your book is a wonderful self care self love tool. Just saying hi. I, Aug 20

Thank you so much Micki, it is very rare to come across someone who truly cares. I really appreciate you taking the time to read, consider and respond to my email.” 😊 J, July 20

Your website and yourself have helped me, so its nice to give something back in show of appreciation. (G, sent a lovely donation)

Oh gosh that helps so much Micki! Am super grateful… I hadn’t properly clocked the Ask Micki service – how wonderful… Z, June 20

Have to write to say how amazed I am, and say thank you!…I am noticing a quite incredible improvement in my energy. …I feel nearly like a normal person for the first time in decades!! I can hardly believe it! I’m super grateful. Just had to write to say thank you! I’m so excited and so grateful! N, June 20 (test report and a few Ask Mickis)

I love your website, your personality really shines through which makes a nice difference when researching online for some pretty complex health stuff. So thank you for that 🙂 K, June 20

Thank you so much for your really interesting reply. I really appreciate your thoughts – and find them fascinating!… having read your books I thought I could rely on you for a different, ‘outside of the box’ perspective!! What you say makes a lot of sense to me. D June 20 (after a couple of Ask Mickis)

Thank you for sharing everything. Your work is truly changing my health and well being. 🌼….you have changed everything for me. It’s not easy to find the right information. The coeliac sites don’t provide the extra information that you do so I’ve been operating on a trial and error basis up to now. …I can’t express how grateful I am. 😊 A, May 20

The group [TGF Facebook group] is incredibly useful with very interesting and inspiring information…always look forward to the topics and messages that come along. A, May 20

Deeply appreciate 💜all your super valuable life-saving information!!
Thank You 💗it has made a massive positive difference in my life!🤗🌈🙏I’ve been following you since 2011.💜 B, May 20

Thanks so much Micki, this is a huge help. (N, re test report, May 20)

Your info and insight is so helpful and you’ve touched on things in just a few emails that others haven’t in multiple sessions. (S, after a couple of Ask Mickis, May 20)

Thanks for emailing your support so quickly!… And the below [my response] is why I keep coming back to you! (G, re Test Report, May 20)

As ever you are amazing! Thank you Micki. (C, re Ask Micki, May 20)

You probably won’t remember me. You helped me back to health around 4 years ago. I had awful gastritis, gluten and dairy problems and you sorted me out! Thank you! (L, back in touch to help someone else, May 20).

…your service of ‘Ask Micki’ is fantastic for people trying to navigate their own health.” (S ,May 20)

Keep up your good work. You really are a mine of information. There is always something of interest in your blogs so thank you for that. (H, May 20)

I appreciate the services you provide to people, it’s a wonderful thing! Those of us who do not want to pump our bodies full of prescriptions to maybe or maybe not find a “cure” need more people like you <3 (G Mar 20)

Thank you so much… We never expected someone from a website to be so helpful! We messaged you on a whim! (P Feb 20)

Thank you so much! I so appreciate all that you do, your website is a fantastic resource. (L Feb 20)

…in the last four years of all the practitioners I’ve seen from Harley street to god knows  where and all the money I’ve spent, you helped me the most. (S Jan 20)

Thank you for your help and support getting me on my journey to recovering from CFS. Our time working together was educational and entertaining. You helped me gain further knowledge of the effect of the mind on the body. I really miss your accessibility and understanding. I also miss the odd kick up the ass when required. You understood my “quirkyness” I felt like you were/are my friend. Thank you Micki. Onwards to greater things! (P, a former patient, Jan 20)

Just wanted to compliment you on the best website I have ever found on histamine. I have Mast Cell Activation Disorder. Your information is concise and easy to understand, and it has the additional bonus of ways to test for histamine and intolerances. Thank you. (via Live Chat, Jan 20)

Micki’s expert advice and support has been pivotal in my health turn around in the past year. I sought her help at a point of personal crisis, when over 20 years of chronic and ‘undiagnosed’ digestive issues came to a head, accompanied by anxiety on a level incompatible with the daily chaos of family life. I was scared to eat anything apart from carrots and chicken broth for fear of setting off a reaction! Over a period of months, Micki and I worked together to establish the key functional issues that needed to be addressed, identifying at an early stage my genetic intolerance to a protein in wheat that no tests had previously picked up – I was irrationally happy to finally identify something that might be a root cause of my chronic health issues. We have since worked to broaden my diet, and improve my digestive function, my anxiety and hormone balance. Micki’s wonderful combination of wisdom and humour has been hugely reassuring throughout. She’s been realistic and forgiving about what I can achieve with kids, ailing parents, work and pets in the mix, and has taken the panic and urgency out of my health anxieties. I’m listening to this as I work steadily to integrate adequate rest into my day and address my key stressors. Thank you Micki! Z Nov 19

Your site… is wonderfully generous (I love your writing style too) and full of relevant information. T, Nov 19

I remain eternally grateful to you for helping me turn my health around when you did. Without you, I wouldn’t be well enough to look after my family now. C Nov 19

Thanks for sending the protocol through so swiftly! It was great to run through everything today… I came away feeling positive and reassured that everything is going in the right direction – thank you so much – I’m just so grateful that I found you! Z Sep 19

You are my turbo-charged angel! J Aug 19

Seems to have endless energy now. Still on the supplements you recommended – can’t believe how diligent he is about taking them. PSA down 3 points at last count. He thinks you are brilliant. I agree. xo A July 19

It really was a pleasure speaking to you today, as you gave us a good framework to focus on. Y July 19 (Initial Support Chat)

I am rather new to your website but have already found more valuable information than anywhere else, in my quest to help my daughter deal with her various health issues…. I will surely be in touch to ask you questions as I learn more. In the meantime I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your knowledge in such a friendly, easy going manner – which my daughter really likes 🙂 Y June 19

You have a great website and provide such an amazing service to the community of gluten-intolerants! My three children had digestive issues from early childhood and having done the genetic testing…several years ago, we found out that we were “blessed with” gluten-intolerance and celiac alleles. We have been relying on your resources ever since and that has helped us all greatly. Many thanks and blessing to you!” S from Germany, June 19

I’ve had a great holiday which you have played a great part in. I have been able to do stuff and also say when I needed to stop…Its also made me realise how far I’ve come and what I can do. ” P June 19

Thank you so much.  The report is far beyond my expectations.  So much interesting and relevant information. The proposed explanations really resonate with my particular experience….This has given me a big boost. T April 19 re Case Review

I came across your site quite by accident when Googling, how wonderful! J April 19

Thanks Micki,….This is a brilliant service by the way! D April 19

I chose to purchase the test through you as I liked your down-to-earth, frank, explanations; transcended the staid science-only statements. I’m glad I came across your service – I suspect I will use again 🙂 R April 19

Thanks so much for providing this service, you are a lifesaver.. H April 19

As a postscript I just want to say a huge thank you for all the fabulous work you do and the resources you make available to us all. It’s truly  invaluable and I’m a real evangelist for your expertise/ website having done the Gut Plan just over a year ago. Thank you so much. N Feb 19

I have found your information REALLY useful…It has filled in lots of detail where I have been getting advice from a practitioner. In other cases, you have drawn attention to a major issue that has been completely missed…Your information is a god-send…Thanks for all your help. It really makes a difference. D Feb 19

Thanks again for your help and for all the resources on your website – it is great! A Feb 19

I would just like to say how interesting your healing book is. I’m still reading it as I usually have a few books on the go. Your past touched me. You are an inspiration. K Feb 19

Thank you so much. The test results together with your plans and other brilliant and in depth resources have given me a huge boost. T Jan 19

I have been working through the HP….and have greatly reduced the regurgitating thoughts from the past which is great. P Jan 19

Your book [Healing Plan] has given me great hope that there will be light at the end of the road and I am prepared to accept that this will be a long slow road. Thanks so much for all the hard work you to do share you experiences with us…I find the book an excellent read. S Jan 19

I did the lightening process over a year ago and wasn’t very impressed…Your healing plan is much better Micki as you can try a combo and see what works for you. I have made some progress but have been a bit lazy lately with the techniques! C Jan 19

I was so grateful to find Micki on the Internet a couple of years ago because I hadn’t heard of anyone else with so many food allergies and unable to tolerate supplements and medications….The Step by Step Healing Plan is so encouraging and helpful. I started by reading it three times and still refer to it….  have been working on the Healing Plan for about a year and feel that I am slowly healing. Thank you Micki!! K Jan 19

…the [Healing] plan did help me out massively in coping with the anxiety and fear surrounding the pain I was experiencing before it was treated so thank you 🙂 A Jan 19

I have the first edition of your Healing Plan book and it is one of the best guides I’ve come across… Thank you SO much for sharing your journey and all your findings. D, Dec 18

It was lovely to meet you today, thank you so very much for the appointment. I’m so glad I booked; I feel quite positive now and like I’ve got a plan of action. L Nov 18 (Support Call)

I can’t tell you how much of a difference you made to my life… C Nov 18

I can’t quite believe im here, at this point in my life, with a second child finally, after everything I’ve been through! When i first found you and bombarded you with questions, i had just had G, after having lost two children previously and was in such a state healthwise! I was on the right track but had so much to understand and so much healing to do and you helped me so much with that!! Now G is nearly 8, im much better and ive got a baby daughter!! Thank you Micki for all the advice, the time and support you give us and the faith you have in our ability to regain heaĺth! xxx 😙 B Oct 18

Like a friend

Whatever chronic health problem you are dealing with I would recommend anyone to buy this book. It contains the protocols natural health consultant Michaela Rose followed herself to regain her own health. Ill health can be a very lonely road and this book feel like a friend holding your hand, it has given me hope for a full recovery. S, Sep 18 re Healing Plan on Amazon

Thank YOU for the book – it’s fascinating.  Will definitely be recommending it! G Sep 18 re Healing Plan.


Am so glad I have received this book and cannot put it down. Micki Rose is exceptional in her field and I highly recommend this book!! G, Sep 18 re Healing Plan on Amazon.

The insights I am learning about why I react the way I do…are eye opening and having that knowledge can only help . thank you. xx S Sep 18 re Healing Plan

I enjoy reading your updates and chuckle at the way you put things, I like plain speaking there’s not enough of it about. P Aug 18

You’re so lovely! Lucky us!! L, Aug 18

One of the UK’s leading lights in Functional Medicine

I have read lots of Michaela Rose stuff and it is always light-hearted, humorous, well written, knowledgeable and easy to read. This one sounds intriguing, and I am looking forward to reading it. Michaela uses the functional medicine approach and gets to the source of a problem with lazer accuracy. I can assure you this book will be scientific, not positive thinking cliches – she is always well ahead of the alternative herd. I will update my review once I get to the end. A, Aug 18, Healing Plan on Amazon.

Everyone with chronic and autoimmune disease should have this book

I have the first edition of this book and it has been invaluable. Everyone with chronic and autoimmune disease can benefit from this book. I thought I knew a lot about meditation, positive thinking, the power of prayer and the subconscious, overcoming and dealing with trauma and stress, etc, but this book has given me many new avenues to explore and given me a much greater depth of understanding. It is so great to be able to start addressing core causative issues instead of constantly trying to track down and figure out a wide array of changing symptoms. Everyone with chronic illness has had negative epigenetic changes triggered and if you can undo those changes, you are, to a great degree, resetting your immune system and metabolism. The author’s personal story is engaging and inspiring and instructive. The book is organized so as to help you individualize for your particular situation, and progress step-by-step through what could otherwise be an overwhelming process. This book does an excellent job of making mind-body medicine accessible and doable. T Aug 18, Healing Plan
I have yet to finish this book [Healing Plan] but want to say how impressed I am with the wealth of information it contains. The many useful links contained therein have opened new and useful doors in my search for improvement to my health associated with the mind/body connection. Thank you Michaela, G on Amazon Aug 18

Thank you Micki. The information that I found on your websites helped to reinforce what we were learning from books, other literature,  summits that we signed up to, other websites. Your knowledge is amazing and I learn so much from your postings. It is a long journey getting well, but it is sites like yours that are helping so many people to regain their health. (A, Aug 18)

Your website is incredibly comprehensive and so helpful, best I’ve come across, thank you. (B, Aug 18)

I learned some incredible gems that helped me in my healing process..You are the first person I had ever encountered that said that IC and vulvadynia could be caused by limbic/stress impairment and so I was able to start DNRS training and learn a ton from your books to start a missing piece of my healing. Just having that information was crucial for me bc I was not sure if I should seek out treatment for that angle. I had tried before with EFT but it did nothing. So it helped me look deeper into my stress levels and whole body healing.. (M, Aug 18 when I asked how she had got on reading the Healing Plan.)

I love getting your newsletter – wonderful info! Keep up the excellent work.” Yay. Not getting it? You can subscribe here: https://purehealthclinic.co.uk/newsletter/

I meant to thank you as well for the help re my mum – I’m sure the supplementation is making a difference. It’s rare she forgets who we are now :). C July 18

Wow how enlightening this information is….This is so interesting. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and letting the rest of us know there is hope. P June 18 (after reading about trauma-triggered illness)

…your website is the most helpful, friendliest site I’ve found that caters for Cyrex in this country…L June 18

I want to say a huge ‘thank you’ for making all this information about sensitivities & their part in chronic ill health so readily available. I first contacted you about four years ago when I became hypothyroid, & wanted to find the root cause of my autoimmunity. Having followed your advice … I have seen my thyroid antibodies decline steadily from 955, & a couple of weeks ago found that they are now just  28!…As a practice nurse, I can’t give patients non NHS approved advice, but I have recommended your site to dozens of people to embark on their own learning journey. B April 18

I wish I had done this several years ago. Your service really helps so thank you so much. M Mar 18

I am enjoying all my reading, thank you, and am stunned and grateful for the amount of work that you have made available to us all. JE Mar 18

Your work is amazing! So thorough and up to date. Thanks so much for
sharing your expertise. J Mar 18

I am just so grateful for your life’s work.. C Mar 18

Thank you for all you do xxx A Mar 18

Just finished the first read-through of the Healing Plan. It feels so supportive and personal, like a kind friend who has been there, pointing out a myriad of possibilities for making my way. It helps not to feel alone with my illness. Thank you! K, Feb 18

I love your site. So real, honest and warm. H Feb 18

I was bit apprehensive as I have not had phone/skype call like this before but Micki was very easy to talk to. Lots of good common sense information backed with research. I concluded with realistic plan of action, Including not getting overwhelmed by lots of reading Ha Ha!. This is a great service that I would highly recommend. Many Thanks LC (after a support call) Jan 18

Many thanks for all the work you have done I love the Humanity, humour, common sense and science approach you have to health & life. L Jan 18

I have only recently discovered your website and must congratulate you on a very factual common sense ethical information and service. I will definitely use you site and links when I need supplies etc in the future. LC Jan 18

It’s been such a relief to discuss my health status with someone that experienced. 10 minutes in and I could already tell how experienced and knowledgable Micki is about this stuff.So much actionable stuff to work on after our call – finally I know where to start, YAY! LL Jan 18 (Support Call)

I couldn’t have asked for more, Micki had read over my various tests before our call and was able to give me clear and understandable advice based on the tests, symptoms and previous history. M Jan 18 (Support Call)

Sad to say I have no confidence in any of the practitioners I have encountered. So I struggle on with my own research and your support…… For which I sincerely thank you….. Have you ever thought that God gave you your illness as he knew you had the strength to go on to help many others? I am astonished at your knowledge. Where do you get all your energy from? Whatever you’re running on I want some of it! I can’t keep up with you and my nickname is the Roadrunner! J Jan 17

It’s brilliant Micki. I’ve already learnt some new stuff and I thought I was pretty clued in.. A Jan 17 (detox factsheet)

So glad to have had you on my side this year. S Dec 17

So pleased I was fortunate enough to find you!  Thank you for inspiring me to start sorting out my gut, I cheat a lot but thanks to you, the Purehealth and Truly Gluten Free communities and the support of my ND, I am finding my way, slowly but surely. 🙂 A Dec 17

I really am super grateful for all your awesome knowledge &  detective work helping keep people healthy & alive.. B Dec 17

Your site is my go-to site whenever I need any info and it never lets me down. C Dec 17

Your resources are invaluable! J Dec 17
I thank you for the wonderful support I got from you and your website. I am feeling quite better. A Nov 17
Your Gluten Plan book must have taken ages to write, with years of research and struggle before that, so having read it you deserve a letter to say thanks. As a result of your book I changed my diet… This greatly reduced the headache, brain fog and Fibromyalgia. Reduced gas / bloating and regulated bowel movements. No diarrhoea. J Nov 17 (who continues to work on the remaining symptoms..)
…thank you for my test results! I found them incredibly helpful and interesting….Thank you once again for your wonderful service! I am sincerely so so grateful. S Nov 17
Wow – that gluten  plan is some read!  I’ll have to read it a few more times too. But fantastic information – thank you so much. G Nov 17
Thank you for continuing your brilliant practice – I still refer to your online site even though I’ve not been very interactive.  And I still refer people to your excellent resources.
The clinic sessions I had with you back in 2011/12 really were a turning point to address my physical and mental wellbeing and were a big part of helping me get to this point today. Thank you.  Please continue what you do … it is a lasting legacy and you are brilliant at it. C xxx Nov 17

Your service is brill by the way..(tests and follow up advice) A, Oct 17

I want to thank you sincerely for your kind and supportive reply. I am genuinely touched that you have taken the time to reply as I’m certain you are an extremely busy woman! LE Sep 17

I am spreading some Micki love on the UK Mast Cell Activation Syndrome Facebook group.  I always recommend you as a source of tests and information and help. I hope it brings you some business (not that you need it). You have always been so helpful to me in the past. S Sep 17

I am so grateful to you for the help and support you offer.. L Sep 17

You are the best!!  I look up to you in so many ways! Thank you for being smart generous wonderful angelic you! B Sep 17

What an enormous piece of work this is.  I found it a fascinating read and it was so useful to have all the links to other sites…And how generous of you to put your experiences out there for us all to benefit from…. As you point out, each person reading your book will take different things from it and really it is a wonderful idea that people can travel their own paths with the information you provide…Your book has already helped me in several ways.  Firstly I know I’m not alone.  That’s very powerful….as a result of reading your book I find I have a new path to follow, feel much more positive and trust things will level out now..many thanks. JJ Aug 17 re the Healing Plan.

BTW you recommended Julie to me last year when I was really low. She has been a real lifesaver – a major puzzle piece for me in dealing with some ACE stuff and heading down a new level of healing. Thank the time you took to talk to me about it and her when I really needed it! M Aug 17

Your website was the first I have found that addresses the permeable gut problem correctly and in detail. You obviously know your stuff  J Aug 17

This was extremely informative [Skype Support Call]. For once I seem to have an understanding of what is causing all my problems. Her explanation of NCGS matches exactly what has been happening to me and she then guided me towards how to test for this, and how to go about improving it. Very, very useful. D Aug 17

I really appreciate all you’re continuing to do for the gf community.  A July 17

Thank you for such a quick response & such a helpful one too. A June 17

Thank you for offering such an accessible website on such complex matters. AC June 17

Thank you for all your research, it helps folk like, me, priceless 🙂 V June 17

Hello Micki, Wow, Just wow, I read the report and felt like crying, I would like to take a minute out, to thankyou, Michaela, for having the onus of directing me to take the test, I cannot thank you enough, I intend to donate to your page. I have a wonderful job, the world, family and a wife who, I would readily, give my right hand for, but, I do not have, peace of mind, You have as far as I can see, brought me back to life, Thankyou, Michaela, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you. RR June 17

I was really moved by your words. I explored the links you sent, which were really helpful. Was quite emotional. It was like a lightbulb moment. All of a sudden it was like I could see how much sense it made. You’ve opened my eyes to a new way of thinking about my health challenges. So thank you for that. JD May 17

I’m really grateful for your literature so far. Enormously helpful. N April 17

That’s great news  Micki – thanks a million for chasing up my test results. Very grateful for this valuable service. SW April 17

…just love your logic, realism and style of writing. MS April 17

Thanks for your support so far. I think your website is incredible and must have taken a huge amount of work. I’m glad you are out there! SF April 17

Thank u Micki I do really appreciate the service you’ve provided, it’s been great:) AK Mar 17

I recently ordered and read a hard copy of ‘The Gluten Plan’ . What I read was amazing and fitted together the missing pieces of the jigsaw for me. DW Feb 17

This is all very interesting, and you are an extraordinary, generous, and smart person (K via blog, Jan 17)

I will definitely be using your services again.  Thank you for providing such wonderful information on your websites 🙂 CT Jan 17

Thank you Micki.  This service is so valuable.  I will definitely be recommending your services. The process has been so straight forward from start to finish. SW Dec 16

Wow what an amazing site you have… felt like someone was finally listening and understood what has been happening with my body. LT Dec 16

Thank you Micki. What a wonderful woman you are! I feel really supported by you! LM Dec 16

…there are so few people like you, understanding people and patients and being there, for us, to help us go through our dark days. God bless you for that. LT Dec 16

Thanks Micki.  I like your forensic approach to solving problems! RS Dec 16

Thank you, I will. I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated your time and Input yesterday. It all made a lot of sense. …So much to think on and read but very very interesting and important. I feel so relieved to have found a kindred spirit. Thank you (AS, Dec 16 after a Support Call)

I asked people on Facebook if I should continue or give up after a bad week and here are some of the comments that came in. Suffice to say, I decided to continue!

Just wanted to let you know what a huge difference your resources have made to me over the last few years. I bought the adrenal plan initially and its been invaluable to my health. 

Your site is so easy to use and accessible and allows the patient freedom to operate and take responsibility for their own health in terms of ordering tests and following the path they need to. Especially since most of us have tried the medical route and a good few alternative practitioners.  Please don’t give up.. I should imagine you help a lot of people. CM Nov 16

Honestly, most of us would be lost without you and personally, I feel it is solely down to your guidance and support as to why I have got any semblance of health back. There aren’t many people around who use their own pain as a means of helping others but what you do is remarkable. Please don’t ever underestimate how well you’re thought of and how much we appreciate you! 

Also I think the Facebook groups are invaluable. They are not so large that you feel overwhelmed, full of knowledgeable people but most importantly, you don’t feel so alone in dealing with all the health issues. The difference it made to me in my ability to cope when I was at my worst was huge and even now, it’s very much like a security blanket. I feel better just knowing those people are there if I need them. CM Nov 16

“Please don’t close Purehealth. You offer us all so much and it would be devastating if Purehealth didn’t exist any more. Whoever or whatever upset you is getting a virtual punch in the face lol!! 

“Ooh no, please don’t close this group!! You all feel like family and the info, help and support it provides is invaluable.

“Noooooooooo – we need you!

“I’m sorry your thinking about closing Purehealth and I hope it doesn’t become a reality as you have considerably helped me in getting my life back on track and turning a major corner and I am sure I am not the only one who would be deeply affected by it’s departure.

 “Your work on PureHealth is such a great resource for so many people – it has so much helpful information, all on one website. It’s brilliant… I hope you know how much appreciation there is out there for you and your work – maybe we haven’t shouted it loud enough – so . . . 

“Oh, Micki, it would be such a loss if you were to close Purehealth completely. Practitioners like you (open-minded, caring, knowledgable, willing to take a risk and explore new avenues of healing) are so rare and hard time to find these days. And this group is such an important meeting place for those of us struggling with chronic and autoimmune disease. I have several groups that i belong too and learn from, but this is my most important one. .

“This is a lovely community and tremendously helpful to each other. Which is all thanks to Micki and her knowledge, publications and caring, compassionate practice.

“..please keep the group open. So fantastic info that I would struggle to find anywhere else and lots of great support

“No way baby! This is my secret group of Truly smart people! (TSP) That’s why you keep it small, there are so few of us, right Micki?

You gave my daughter her life back Micki. She’s gone from not able to get out of bed to 4 A levels and a little job as a waitress!!! I tell everyone about you. If you ever feel like that again – send me a message!!!! You are an incredible person who changes lives xxxxx

I have learnt a lot more about your research too and may I say your articles are wonderful and needed.  May I encourage you…to carry on explaining about the difficulties with a gluten free diet that is not truly gluten free. JC Sep 16

Thank you Micki, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate bouncing this off you. S Sep 16

I want to thank you for your research and information  we have received over last few years.  You have saved the health of my son…  so all your data and information is very important for people to know about . Thank you and keep it up. RT Sep 16

Very many thanks for taking so much time and trouble to deal with my request.. You’ve clarified a great deal and helped me a lot.  I really appreciate this. AT July 16

The Adrenal Plan is helping me make sense of declining energy/fatigue plus other symptoms that I thought I must be imagining since they have been brushed aside in advice I have sought! What a truly, comprehensive and amazing work you have put together! It gives me hope and I also wish you were taking on clients whilst appreciating that you serve so many more in the way you work at this time. Huge gratitude! AE July 16

Thank you so much for all your help, advice and suggestions on our call yesterday, it was immensely useful and informative. NF July 16

The research you have done is amazing and I am so thankful for it. B June 16 (re TGF Master List)

…grateful to be reminded how far I had gone off track with supplement choice! It’s certainly a work of great dedication and love! With gratitude. AE June 16 (re TGF Supplement Master List)

I guess we shouldn’t be excited but I, like you, am overjoyed you found something there!! (kryptopyrrole test results confirming my hunch!) V June 16

Many thanks for your help so far, I really appreciate it. It can be very difficult to know where to turn to when you are feeling so out of sorts, so I really appreciate your website and the Adrenal Plan support. SB June 16

I am so grateful for our chat – it really helped me to look at things differently. MF June 16 (after Support Call)

I read your post the other day and was so utterly taken with your openness about your journey.  I’m sure the whole community gets a hell of a lot from feeling like you’re one of ‘us’.) V June 16

Thank you, you’ve given me more help in 15 minutes [on live chat] than my doctors have for years! C June 16

Thank you so much Micki, I would potentially be ‘lost’ for many more years if I hadn’t been able to have these tests and also the frightening prospect of having to give up work!  I will digest all this now…Thanks again SF June 16.

Thank you very much indeed for the Support Call last Wednesday.  Apart from the masses of extremely helpful information and advice you gave me, I was also given hope and encouragement by your obvious success in dealing with your own dietary issues. AT May 16

…your work is very much appreciated in our household, thank you very much. PP May 16

I just wanted to say that it’s been a pleasure working with you and I’m very grateful for all the help you’ve given me with my problems. PC May 16

Thank you, this is exactly what I needed to hear (read). JM May 16

Also (!) I just wanted to say THANK YOU, I’ve had a terrible experience with my GP(s). You provide a vital service, a lot of people would be very ill without your help, you can’t be praised highly enough! JM Apr 16

Thank you so much, that’s really helpful and makes a lot of sense. I didn’t know where to start. AT Apr 16 (after Analyst Report)

Thanks so much for your generous time today. Was very helpful. Im so grateful.  Support Call MD Apr 16

Thanks Micki. Your resources are fabulous. MD Apr 16

We’ve made a donation today to say thanks for all your help as you’ve been brilliant. You’re website is amazing & really informative + the E-books, plans & newsletters are all really good and must take so much work. I’ve enjoyed the process working with you. LL Apr 16

… I’m sure you’re right in saying that, rather than take on private clients again, it’s better for you to concentrate on developing “the big picture”, as this is what you do so well – and what nobody else seems able to do.  At present I’m seeing a couple of functional medicine practitioners and both have a rather narrow focus.  We do need someone like you to show us “the big picture” and enable us to put all the bits in context.  I look forward to seeing how you present your new approach – and your comprehensive model of healing. AT Apr 16

Wow! I’m floored, especially as my standard NHS coeliac test came back negative….when I asked the GP to be tested she actually laughed and said I could have the test but I was highly unlikely to have coeliac. MK Apr 16 (found coeliac, NCGS, behavioural and autoimmunity markers in Cyrex 3)

Thanks for compiling all these resources which make fascinating reading! JC Apr 16

Thank you so much for your e-mail and all the detailed information, you have really really helped me interpret the results more.. LW Mar 16

Oh WOW now this makes MUCH more sense Micki than my York test IGG panel. Much  more sense. It was weird, the IGG, it did not seem accurate at all….I am impressed at the ALCAT – I know I have had hideous reactions to – onion, courgette and quinoa! Yet the IGG said they were fine. Gosh I am excited by this one.  SDL Mar 16

Your TGF ebook saved my life. You’re a saint you are! NM Mar 16

the fact that you came through PTSD and CFS and adrenal fatigue enough to be doing all of this is very encouraging and impressive too. You are an inspiration 🙂 i hope i can get there too! TM Mar 16

I just wanted to express gratitude for all that you do and share. I find your writing voice so engaging and you always seem to manage to inject humour into whatever you are writing about. Oftentimes what you consider ‘waffling’ contain the gems that keep me motivated and inspired! With gratitude AE Feb 16

I have downloaded the adrenal plan (which is an amazing resource – thank you!) LM Feb 16

I really admire you as a wonderful example of someone who has really got life right – through having to deal with your own adversity you are now massively helping others and in such a generous and kind way. It is to a great extent what has inspired me to start this naturopathic nutrition course (which is nearly killing me at the same time as working but never mind!!) CM Feb 16

Thank you again.  You are helping so many people and should get an award! TK Feb 16

Thank you very much for your wonderful website which enables me to place an order direct without having to try and persaude a doctor that these tests are real! P Feb 16

Wow, thank you so much. I wasn’t expecting such amazing information from you personally. I really appreciate your insights. EC Feb 16

Micki, you’ve done amazing work on behalf of gluten sensitive people.  As a celiac, thank you. RP Feb 16

Wow! Thank you so much Michaela. I had no idea I would be getting a report from you, I thought it’d be a bunch of numbers from the lab? I have ME and Fibro so my brain function is low. My illness and symptoms certainly correlate with the results and I will take some time to read and follow up on what you have said!

I am so grateful for your summary and advice. CS Feb 16

It’s so hard having to pay for all these tests and private consultations whilst not working and applying for benefits. To come across someone like you is a rare treasure and I will definitely use your services if I can and sing your praises to others! Bless you CS Feb 16

Thanks so much for your email with results and interpretation. Wow!

Thanks for everything Micki you have been super! LL Feb 16

Thanks very much for sending the results over. I am pleased to finally see a reason for the anxiety, depression and brain fog I have been battling with for the last 20yrs! JB Jan 16

Thank you so much for all of this information!  Really good service.  I’ll have a read through and get back to you.. FR Jan 16

Micki thought we had better give you something for your time to us. It’s Not Much but it is something. We need a Little help & are grateful you are there. Thanks. J&S B Jan 16

Fantastic Micki -you are so generous. T Dec 15

That helps wonderfully Micki thank you so much. S, Nov 15

I feel much more hopeful! Grateful for your site & the possibilities for healing… & hope!! VQ Oct 15

I really want to thank you so very much for being there for me when I really was at my wits end. I never ever had experienced anything like this , and can’t believe how really badly I was . Thank you so much again, I will keep your website and email address, I might never need it again, but if I do, I know you are there. Thank you so much again, AB Oct 15

J spoke very highly of you!! I should count myself lucky I have found you. NS Sep 15

Anyway, your blog and reports sum up what is wrong with me like nothing else I have read. I’m not going to go to another practitioner as I have been to lots over the years and I have often ended up worse as a result of taking tablets which I now realise had gluten and soy in them or somehow missed the point of what was wrong with me. So thanks a million for your work. I am confident that it is going to make a big difference to me. CC July 15

Appreciate the advice. I feel closer to success with you on board than when I had my Harley St consultant. NY July 15

As ever thanks so much for your great service, its good to get more insight into what’s going on with me, if I know what I’m dealing with at least I have a better chance of sorting it out…Onwards and upwards 🙂 A July 15

Many thanks Micki , keep up the good work, what would we do without you ! JD June 15

Thanks so much for all of your help, Micki! I am so grateful to have something to try that does not involve meds. MF June 15

Huge huge thank you for all this info, finally some clues…Micki, no one can live up to your depth of knowledge, straightforward down to earth, tell it like it is advice! I am sure I heard an almighty whoop from everyone when you decided to do the more in depth reports again…Indeed you are a Wonderwoman! EP June 15

Thank you very much Micki. Your website is truly informative and wonderful. Really really love your work.:) NF, June 15

Thanks so much for the advice and feedback. These results will help me greatly. NT June 15

I want to start by saying thank you for all the valuable information you have put together and organized for people like me to have access to. It is a type of resource I have been looking for for a while now. TG June 15

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your hard work. I have been researching and emailing companies and had not come up with anything so far, and came across this site. I am celiac and allergic to dairy and corn – and it’s the corn that I find that hardest thing to identify and eliminate. Now I’ve found this information I might actually be able to get some supplements in me! Thank you. (TGF Supplements Master List) S May 15

You’re a real star, thanks so much for answering all my qs. Your report was so much better than the nutritionist’s that we had used. I just think you have much more experience with this whole area. AC May 15

The first lot of test results have made a huge difference…Wish I’d done this test last year (IgG testing for foods). JD May 15

Oddly it’s a relief to finally see once and for all that there really is something wrong ….Thanks so much for making this test easily available for folk, the service you provide is wonderful. I am so grateful to finally have this clarity. It was a very expensive test and I’m so glad I invested. AJ May 15

The [test] service has been first class and you have been wonderful Micki, I want to say a big thank you to you… Your information from your site and downloads are really helping me so much its fantastic work indeed! Thanks Micki for all that you do. DW May 15

Thanks, love the reports just what I was looking for !! ………..think I will get some more for the collection. (re Candida and Adrenal Plans). PG Apr 15

Thank you so much! I will download that fact sheet pack later, it looks great. Your information is invaluable, I am so grateful to you. EK, Apr 15

I am very grateful for all the time you spend answering questions. Your kindness and willingness to share what you know has really been a blessing to my family. Thank you again! EP Mar 15

Thanks for the results, the very fast service and your advice! I have also read the information you mentioned, very interesting. SF Mar 15

Thank you, thank you, thank you!…I just finished reading your awesome summary of the Gluten Summit!! Thank you for that. I’m sure it was a lot of work, but I SO appreciate it. I feel very much alone right now and this gave me hope..LR Mar 15

Thank you for the wonderful site and resources you provide, its really much appreciated. AC Mar 15

Wow, thank you very much for getting back to me with the great info and so quickly too! Really really appreciate it. Will get stuck in today and look at what you’ve suggested…I’m so happy you were kind enough to send me this info. Its seriously made my day! Any glimmer of hope at the mo is keeping me going, so thank you and a massive bunch of virtual flowers to you. L Mar 15
I really enjoyed the service you provide, using it is so much easier than I thought! If I need to do any more tests in the future I know where to go now for a quick, professional and hassle free service. Many thanks again! MN Feb 15

I have no idea how I found you, but I’m so glad I did.  I was going over the Pure Health site and looking at things and thought to myself, “I just sent money to someone I don’t even know, for information I probably really need BUT really do I need it?  What am I thinking?  WHO IS this Micki Rose person?

Isn’t that crazy?  So I googled you, and discovered a different website that was writing about you and  I just sat here stunned with all the great information I was reading about you.  You are so smart!  You have an awesome amount of information inside yourself that you are sharing with so many people, helping sick people to get well, and how amazing is it that I found you?

I know this probably doesn’t really speak to you like I’d like it to speak to you but if you understood the years of frustration and pain I’ve gone through, it would make total sense to you how grateful I am that I somehow stumbled upon your website and started reading the things that might possibly change my health for the better. SS Feb 15

Thanks so much Micki. I have found the test service very useful, and the results certainly seem to ‘fit’ with things…I look forward to your report. 🙂 PJ Feb15
You have summed up my worries SO well here…Can I share this (and credit to you) if the subject comes up in one of my groups? Thanks so much, you really are a star! SD Feb 15

I appreciate all the work you are doing here on your website.  It’s such a valuable resource and thank you so much. Keep doing what you are doing- you are helping so many people. JB Jan 15

First of all I just want to thank you for being a pioneer and gluten free warrior! It is honest people like yourself who are sharing information from your own experience and literally saving lives! Even just on a level where you are offering knowledge and hope for people like myself who are repeatedly failed by allopathic medicine…. I am touched that you have got back to me so quickly! You have given me some hope and to be honest that means a lot in itself at the moment. TK Dec 14

You’re providing a wonderful service Micki for people who often have serious health issues without taking advantage of their desperation as some do I’m afraid. EP Dec 14

Your website has been invaluable. Full of practical and easy to understand info. SH Dec 14

I had already bought your adrenal plan book which is great and now it will help me to relate it to the tests as you suggested so thank you so much. Thank you so much for your help and support and your fantastic book. JH Dec 14
Thank you once again for all of your help — you’ve been just terrific through all my twists and turns. CL Nov 14

.. I see you have your own problems, so you will understand. …Thank you for all you do to help others. JM Nov 14

Your website and resources have been a massive help. JD Oct 14

Haven’t wanted to email you before as it feels a bit like tempting fate to say ‘I’m well again!’ But I am, 2 years of no joint pain at all. And if you hadn’t got me on the right track with the grain free diet then I certainly wouldn’t be where I am now, so THANK YOU! 🙂 ZF Oct 14
I appreciate very much all the support I have received from you and will continue to be a member of the group and access tests etc…. Love to get your newsletters and all the Facebook stuff. So much of it is interesting, relevant and often quite a revelation. Keep up the good work!! JE Oct 14

Very helpful information so far, fantastically written so thank you for this. (re Adrenal Plan) JH Oct 14

You and other professionals like Dr. L are the lifeline which sufferers desperately need…and I feel very fortunate that I have discovered you and made contact. SA Oct 14

The test’s that you provide are fantastic and also your advice has been invaluable so pleased i found you & your website. S July 14

Finding Micki saved my life! I was very, very frail thin very sick…not thinking I would be around much longer….then slowly got better from her plan! Now 3 .5 years all grain free, I am doing better still have many big issues….cuz had many big chemical exposures &major chronic life stressor events that could not be controlled, but her plan & all her amazing support gave me the hope, direction & on going health to keep on going! Exciting to have group support too! Thanks to Micki-Angel!! B (on Gluten Plan) July 14

I was finding that my diet was the hardest thing to sort and this factsheet makes everything less scary, so thank you. J June 14 (re Belly Fat ebook for gluten and dairy free blood sugar balancing diet)

Thanks so much Micki – what a difference it makes cutting out grains. All down to you and your guidance and I cannot express my gratitude enough – you are a miracle worker! Now that my adrenals are in a better state I’m going to crack on with the candida treatment as per your gluten plan so hopefully I can kick that one out too. C June 14 (did TGF Adrenal Plan)

…thanks to you I had [the thyroid test] done on Monday at the London Clinic. I find all your reports very interesting and I am learning a lot from all your hard work. Thank god we have you. We appreciate your knowledge. SS June 14

Crumbs. I feel as if I’ve opened a treasure chest of information. Thank you are two words which seem totally inadequate. THANK YOU SO MUCH. AL June 14

My lovely friend L told me how they had had blood tests done through you. A virus had been diagnosed and they had then gone to see an endocrinologist for treatment. K, a keen rock climber who had completely lost all quality of life through his illness is now back …..climbing rocks. A June 14

Just a quick email to let you know your book has just arrived. I’m so chuffed to have it as a proper book. It’s a really lovely binding and looks great! PW May 14

I have found Micki’s adrenal plan to be far superior to others I have tried in the past because it literally covers everything and you can adapt the plan to your own needs.  CM June 14 (advising someone else on the FB group :))

I really like your website, by the way, and although I have quite limited knowledge, I think functional medicine is the way forward. I have you as my first port of call in the event of any future issues, although luckily I seem to be doing pretty well at the moment. Thanks again, MH May 14

I really like your style in helping people! GT May 14

The adrenals book is great, by the way. Very clear. You are a talented writer. FH May 14
Yippy first time in 8 years I could do that! I went w/o being put under & it was so rewarding to see the actual video real time of my healthy colon!! So this TGF life style was validated by an all healthy colon!!! Yippy no diverticulitis, no polyps all ok just internal hemorrhoids common with thick blood issues like one gets spider or varicose veins when older.. Thank you MIcki for your research & wisdom!!! Milestone of recovery, 28 months on your TGF life style No grains, beans etc.parasites, candida & H. Pylori bacteria infection under control.  BA May 14


Comments on the Gluten Plan (released May 14):

Just a quick email to let you know your book has just arrived. I’m so chuffed to have it as a proper book. It’s a really lovely binding and looks great! PW May 14

Although I’ve been following your competent work very closely for years by now and I’ve come to expect quality outputs from your research, always, I cannot resist dropping you a line to congratulate you for the new Gluten Plan.  What an excellent piece of work!  Well structured, fully substantiated and backed up by professional research quotes (not to mention your last 2 decades of hands-on experience and personal sufferings), the plan brings it all together in one-stop single paper. All we have to do is now follow it and get better. Wishing you continuing success and a healthy grain-free life, all the best and a big hug from RS May 14

Have finished reading it today and totally amazed at the wonder of you, I do so hope you get the recognition you deserve because you truly deserve it infinity %! Firstly, its BRILLIANT Micki, give yourself a huge pat on the back and more..

I love your writing style Micki and think you have achieved a great ‘easy to read’ guide full of stacks of information, you have got the balance right to appeal to ‘beginners’ in the field and also to those further ahead.  I love the quotes and inserts and the way you give people choices depending on their circumstances.  I also like the references to more reading (only if you want to because it’s not important you do that after reading yours) and the recipe book links etc.  I can honestly say this is a very ‘simplified’ reference book giving very complex information…brilliant and thank you for doing that for us. KC May 14

Blimey.  Your Gluten Plan is absolutely bloody brilliant!! PW May 14

You can read more on the Gluten Plan Reviews page.


Firstly I’d like to say a huge thankyou for taking your time out to listen to me waffle away, you are the first and only person that actually knows what im talking about and going through… I am so very grateful to you SH May 14

I cannot tell you how much of a comfort and support you are Micki, the universe really has put you on my path as the most splendid life gift! Many things that I think, believe, am experiencing, am exploring are things you then put into words and context for me and you often substantiate what my instinct has shown me, which is a great encouragement! Thank you. BB Apr 14

Those results are amazing.  I know it sounds daft to say I’m so happy that they were so low, but I just knew I was missing something. CS Apr 14

Thank you, you have been such a great help. MM Apr 14

Thank you Micki – you really are such a help you know. AKA lifesaver actually.  Thank you again for being there and for being reassuring…  You can’t know how much you help people sometimes x CM Apr 14

Just been having a peruse of the guides that I ordered from you. They are massively helpful, particularly the TGF supplement guide. Trying to find corn free anything seems to be just such a massive task so I can’t imagine how long it must have taken you to get all that info…so thank you for sharing all your hard work with us 🙂 KM Apr 14

Wow! That is amazing! I really wasn’t expecting them to be so good.  That is such a comfort to me. MF Mar 14 (after working really hard on leaky gut and receiving test results showing reduction from one of the highest seen by the lab to just in normal.)

All the best to you and your blogs! Thank God, there is help, when seems like little hope left 🙂 MK Mar 14

Thank you Micki! Wow a lot I did not know…I found this to be very helpful and will ensure I refer my friends. CS Mar 14

I use it (TGF ebook) as my bible… Since following your recommendations I have kept in good health. Keep up the great work. LT Mar 14

I love your style of writing and straightforwardness (if that’s a word!) which make the guides very easy to read. I know I’ll learn more and it will help in one way or another (you always do) re Adrenal Plan KC Mar 14

You have shown more knowledge in one email than my doctor has in the last 2 years and i am very grateful for your help. Thank you once again, Its nice to know there is at least a path of hope i can follow. ND Jan 14

You have shown more knowledge in one email than my doctor has in the last 2 years and I am very grateful for your help. Thank you once again, Its nice to know there is at least a path of hope I can follow. ND Jan 14

I really am amazed at how much info is on your websites and the HUGE amount of time you put into it, I truly hope loads more sign up and use your shop and links.  I am, and will continue to spread the word.  But from me a HUGE heartfelt thank you for all you do. KC Nov 13

Hope you don’t mind me saying how much I appreciate all the work you do via your websites and FB.  Your latest posting about the woman who said she’d rather fly to the moon on a butternut squash was brilliant PW Nov 13

Woo hoo! I’m doing a (albeit half arsed due to joint pain) happy dance after reading your ‘How to get an NHS diagnosis for NCGS’. On a personal note I’d like to thank you for your amazing website, which has been invaluable to me – along with the Gluten Summit . . . which I found out about via your amazing website!! (Huzzah!). Keep up the all-round super duperness!! AR Nov 13

Wishing you much success in your unique web site, that is a gem.  Wish I’d have know about you decades ago before this trouble set in.

The advice you have generously given in this and others respects is invaluable, and will be working with a naturopath on the amazing Adrenal Plan. DH Nov 13

Thank you so much for all of that!  I really, really appreciate it.  Next stage of healing, here we come! (Fingers crossed.) Thank you so much for your time and expertise! MF Nov 13

Thank you so much for all your help.  Your help over the past year or so has been invaluable to me.  I think I would be in an even worse state if it wasn’t for you.  A really BIG thank you xxxxx  CG Oct 13

It’s so nice to talk with others and share and it’s great you have done all this, much appreciated, I am learning all the time. KC Oct 13 re FB groups.

Thanks for all of your help, I shall use the resources etc and go from there. You’ve been a diamond for all the help.  JC Oct 13

Thank you very much for your insightful email and prompt service (re testing). SA Oct 13

Thank you so much Micki, I really do appreciate it and your blog has been a real eyeopener and source of valuable information for me… Great stuff. Will indeed keep you posted. I’ve been fighting an uphill battle with my GP’s, Gastroeneterologists etc etc for too long now. I won’t bore you as I’m sure you’ve heard it many, many times before!

All the best and thanks again, JW Sep 13

I wanted to say a huge thank you for all the help you have given me over the years, It all started in your clinic in Uppermill- long time ago! Good luck with the new venture. Your personal touch will be missed. C Sep 13

That is great! Thank you so much for your help and excellent service. LK Sep 13

Comments when I announced taking a break from 1-1 stuff – I was overwhelmed with the support!:

I feel very privileged to have found you three years ago when my health took a complete nosedive and to have experienced the most enlightened one to one care I have ever received. I too have continued to refer to your valuable resources and shared with friends & family (when they are prepared to listen ). Finding you kickstarted my path to self help which I have asked for from GPs over the years but never came close to getting it. I have only needed to see my GP twice in that time compared to the boomerang appointments I had for many years previously. Between us we must have saved the NHS a pretty penny over that time!! …we all want our Micki in tip top form to carry on your fabulous work – so whatever that takes I’m fully supportive of. X CG Sep 13

I have always valued the work you do and the information you give Micki, for which I thank you. All the very best of luck with this new adventure S Sep 13

You helped me enormously when I retired nearly nine years ago. Since then I have benefited from your monthly newsletters and put much of your advice into practice, as well as passing info on to friends and family.
So – many thanks for all you have done, but so pleased that you will still using your considerable skills to benefit more people. MW Sep 13

Today, you see that people do value your work and what you have done for them, and want you to have a good life too. Personally you were the only person who held out hope to me when I was diagnosed with the AF, none of the doctors I saw, including the cardiologist, could offer more than suggest I hoped it didn’t happen too often and that I could take beta blockers and aspirin if I wanted! You just got straight down to it and suggested magnesium and I know that has helped immensely. That alone was worth becoming a client. The rest has been about teaching me how to take control of my own health and how to use testing to learn what needs correction. SW Sep 13

K and I have asked ourselves a few times over the years how you could cope, and well, with the massive workload you have. Devoting more time to research still means helping us all, as your findings, and resulting papers/advice, will surely be of great benefit for our gluten-sensitive community. R Sep 13

I am very grateful for the resources and help that you offered me. I would never have found out what was happening to me without finding you. The endless amount of time you spend campaigning for change and to get medical professionals more aware of the damage gluten/grain can do is fantastic.. Keep up the good fight Micki, I’m behind you all the way. C Sep 13

Your resources are fantastic and brilliant for so many people searching for help.

You have been invaluable to me and I have spread the wise words I have learnt far and wide! Your work is far-reaching! We all love and support youB Sep 13

I have been meaning to email to say thank you for all your help – it has made such a difference for me – and that I will definitely miss you. You are very good at the clinic stuff but I understand why you want to take a bit of a break. MA Sep 13

…have read your recent email about your change in working life and focus. Quite see why you have made that decision! Have to say I have always admired the way you are brave enough to make changes and move on – sure you’ll continue to be a success at whatever you do! MB Sep 13

I’ve known you for 11 of the 14 years that you have been in practice so a long time. You have been a great help to me and I was sorry to read that you are stopping the 1 to 1 service.  Even though I now know most of the blood ranges it was comforting to have your confirmation and comments. MF Sep 13

On a personal note, I’d like to thank you for all the help you have given me in bringing my Crohn’s under control. I shall miss being able to do one-to-one work with you, but understand fully the reasons for your decisions. I do hope you will continue to post on your continuing improved health as I fond those blogs particularly helpful and informative. Good luck with your research and I hope this helps you find some work/life balance. CW Aug 13


I was able to access everything once I opened the registration letter in something different than the kindle program. As I’ve been reading it certainly seems to be the most focused and clear material I’ve been able to find in regards to gut barrier and the related issues. I will definitely be checking back into the site along the way. Thank you for making this available. DR Aug 13 re Barrier Plan.

For all of this… thank you.  You are nothing short of a miracle! VF Aug 13 (after test report sent)

All received! Am getting my supplements now and made some lifestyle change plans over the weekend. Am excited to get started! (AB, Aug 13, after test report sent)

Thank  you so much for the fast test results. I did at first suspect coeliac as I have had lots of health problems my whole life. My doctor was unwilling to test me for anything and just put all sickness and diarrhoea down to my ‘diagnosed’ ulcerative colitis 20 years ago. This test explains that it was not all in my head, I do have a non coeliac problem with gluten. Thank you for that 🙂

I have been gluten free for 6 weeks now and my goodness what a change. no more sickness or diarrhoea, eczema nearly gone, headaches rarely happen now. I feel full of life at last at the age of 38.

I really do appreciate the service you have provided and this gives me the courage to take my 2 children off gluten as their symptoms are worrying.

Have a good summer……I will 🙂 KF July 13

Thanks for your help and honesty. JJ July 13

I contacted you some time ago for information and you were very helpful. My daughter was tired stressed, had lost weight, stomach pains, low siga, asthma, painful periods, hair loss. etc  At the time my daughter had an endoscopy which as a result we were told she did not have coeliac disease and therefore we took a different course of action, mistake! You did suggest a possible wheat link still, however the doctors ruled it out. Now months later we are seeing an endocrine specialist who has suggested a wheat free diet and asked why the other consultant hadn’t tested for wheat allergy/intolerance.  We did a little intolerance test and wheat came out very strongly along with about 10 other minor degree intolerance’s.  Following a few weeks of wheat free diet my daughter is free of diahrea, and feeling more energetic. JH July 13

I just wanted to thank you for the website and the helpful info. I have had a particularly emotional and physically difficult 2 weeks after I have discovered I seem to have a severe corn intolerance as well as the gluten intolerance which I worked out myself 2 years ago after 20 years of weird health problems. It’s odd but the main thing I am struggling with is lack of medical recognition… I have told myself I don’t need this but actually I think I do!! The Info on the bmj article from dr rostami was uncannily timely and such a relief.. Thank god there is someone with a medical qualification who might not think I am suffering from ‘malaise’ or ‘anxiety’…and I’m not intolerant .. I just feel Ill !.. Thanks Cara July 13

I’d like to suggest an excellent nutritionist. Her name is Micki Rose, she has a practice in the midlands. She was brilliant with me when I first realised that I had food intolerance problems. She herself suffers with intolerances. Her practice is called purehealth clinic. She has a branch dedicated to gluten/grain/food intolerance called truly gluten free. I can’t tell you how helpful she was to me.

She can arrange various tests that are not available on the NHS. She’ll happily answer any questions you may have. Visit her websites, email her or sign up to her blog. You won’t be disappointed. CG July 13

I secondClare’s suggestion about Micki Rose. I’ve had some tests arranged by Micki and have never been disappointed. Her practice had a wide range of relevant tests including those for fructose intolerance and SIBO, candida, histamine intolerance, thyroid, leaky gut, stool tests and many more…Definitely worth a look. MM July 13

And I thirdClare’s recommendation of Micki Rose. She’s one of the very best! JS July 13

I have received your report thank you, I will read through it and I will e-mail with any questions or thought’s I may have. Can I say it’s a pleasure to finally find somebody that actually knows about these conditions, I thought I was going mad. SS July 13

Thanks again Micki. I could give you a hug! RM July 13

Just want to say that my husband and I think you’re a very cool mobile health early adopter! We’ve been trying to get health professionals across the world to work with us online just the way you are but mostly we butt our heads up against the status quo wall :l. SN June 13

I have now read the candida and barrier plans closely and I think they are very well written, address the topics comprehensively and make a whole lot of sense. H June 13

Thank you so much Micki. I really appreciate your time. The report you did was a very interesting read. Just need to digest it all, if you pardon the pun! It’s great to get another perspective on things.

Thanks again. RF June 13

Have read the Barrier Plan (just the plan itself since this morning). It’s amazing how much you’ve covered in there! thank you so much for doing this. SN June 13

Many thanks for your help and guidance. Your reports were very thorough and very helpful….I’ve already started looking at the links you gave me and adapting my regime to the new information. PC June 13

I have started to read your extensive study now and on behalf of everybody with these problems, thank you for your wonderful effort to present what is, as far as I can see,  a hidden problem area disputed by most mainstream medicine. JC June 13 re Adrenal Plan

Thanks very much for your swift response and steering me in the right direction, I really appreciate it.

I was asking what test I should have, but you’ve given me more than what I was expecting 🙂 I’m so pleased to have come across your website. I’ve just purchased your Barrier Plan which I’m really looking forward to immersing myself in.

It sure does sound like I have NCGS. I only wish I knew about all this earlier. I look forward to a happier life, hopefully

Many thanks and best wishes, you deserve a medal!! RM June 13

Thanks for your email. Wow, not what I expected at all, can’t believe you thought about & typed all that in 16 mins… EO June 13

I was looking for some answers to my recurring health issues and your blog appeared like a godsend. Thank you so much for all the clear and non-intimidating explanations… and for sharing all this information so generously. SN June 13

I wanted to just give you a bit of advance notice that my mother, who herself is struggling enormously with a different gamut of digestive and health issues, will be contacting you imminently.  We both found your approach so comprehensive for myself and the tests you run are wide-ranging and thorough that we feel your insight into her dilemmas would be useful at this point in her journey.  JC June 13

Thank you again for sending the Truly Gluten Free download – it is absolutely fascinating.  I have been, what I thought was, gluten free for many years with much improvement but was still experiencing discomfort in many ways, which led me eventually to your website, after much DIY research.

After a week of being totally gluten free (along with many expected tears and tantrums!) I think I’m definitely on the right path. RF June 13
I have started to implement a number of your suggestions already…my belly already generally feels better after being grain free for a few ….and I feel incredibly more calm.

We will most likely have contact again as I am sure questions will arise for me and I’ve liked working with you. I want to thank you again for helping me and giving me such a clear overview 🙂 I hope I can now get back on track. I think so as I now see how the puzzle is forming. AT June 13

Well done Micki! For being very thorough, and explaining everything in simple terms! I think your writing style is fluent and readable, and you draw the reader through the entire subject in a logical and convincing way. I also really liked the supplement contents lists, and links to be able to source things.

I’ve been reading your blog for a little while now and, along with the test service, I have found it to be really useful and full of good quality information. GT May 13

phenomenal by the way and I’m adamant that this is the perfect next step for me (re Barrier Plan) VF May 13

Thank you so much, will read all these later and get a few supplements.
thank you thank you! HW April 13
I just wanted to say a Big Thank You for the report – it is taking some digesting, however I am really grateful for the information that you have given me. MW April 13

So glad I came across your website during my searches for info, its been really helpful. LC April 13

I think the service you offer is really great – helping people to become more informed about their own health, and meeting a need that the NHS currently seems unable to.  In relation to my circumstances, I already know there is limited help from the NHS when it comes to allergies and histamine intolerance. MW April 13

Thanks very much, for the welcome and for the [Master TGF] list. I had for some time been trying to find out just exactly what the source of various vaguely named ingredients was, suspecting – because of my reaction – the dreaded CORN! So your work is really appreciated! LF April 13

..remember we all love you – even us complete strangers – because you give your all to us all the time, purely out of the goodness of your heart… and you help us no end! B Mar 13

I just wanted to write and tell you that I really appreciate the work that you are doing…thanks for …publishing some very well-researched, informative articles.  NF Mar 13

I bought you super Truly Gluten Free Supplements and love all the info you have put together. YB Mar 13

Am feeling much better – and about to order more probiotics as I think they really make the difference for me.  Interesting though since I detoxed gluten, whenever I eat wheat by accident I get a much worse reaction to it than before – itchiness, hives, tummy ache – at least its helped to confirm that wheat was the culprit…

Thanks for all your help. HK Mar 13

I just came across your site! I’m an American living in the UK and have FINALLY discovered the truth about True Gluten Free diet after several years of declining health.  I have had NO help in the UK and actually went to Houston to see Dr. Osborne.  I have improved significantly since eating truer GF and starting on a supplementation program under Dr. o’s care.

I am so encouraged to see that you are promoting The TRUTH for the people here in the UK!

Good on You! KC March 13

Thanks for your email – the supplements list is great thank you and your web site fantastic! I am so glad I found it:) AK March 13

I have been following the barrier plan to the letter now for over a month. I had given up all grains, but had been holding out on beans and potatoes, which I have now cut out. My energy levels have risen substantially and my mood levels are hugely improved. When I have bad days in these areas, I can trace it to exposure to something. The biggest symptom seems to be very strong anger reactions, which has been unsettling. I have struggled with depression and intolerance of others for many years, and did not know that it was related (at least in part) to what I was eating! Also, I took my basal temperature the past two mornings, and I had a normal temperature of 36.6! My husband has been very cranky with me about the even more strict diet I am following. However, I can tell that it is worth it. I do feel disappointed, though, that it does not feel safe to eat out with him at the moment. MF Feb 13

But most of all thank you for being someone who knows, someone who understands, and someone who believes and makes improvements happen! JD Feb 13

Decided to give the CDbiotic one final try….Started at such low dosage, and now I’m up to 2 capsules a day! I have to take them out of the capsule tho. I tried the capsule once and I’m not sure what vegetable that capsule is made off, but it kicked my ass! Had such severe joint aches, I was walking around like a 120 year old! Still recovering from that, but i’m still taking the probiotics.

Have been getting a lot of bloating from them, but I can feel them work. I will make sure to keep taking them for a few months before moving onto something else.

It’s really amazing, that even after so many years of being ill, I can finally take these probiotics. After so many years of battling, trying, losing hope and getting yourself together again, it is such a welcome break! I think it’s a big shout out to everyone who such extreme food intolerances as my own, never to give up. And especially, know it is ok to loose hope sometime, and lean on awesome people like yourself to find strength again 🙂 NM Jan 13

I had my first weekend day in a long time that I really enjoyed, instead of feeling like I was just recovering energy from the week before.  Thank you so much for your support. MF Jan 13
I think things are moving towards diagnosing NCGS as our daughters gastroenterologist was happy that our daughter does respond well to a gluten and dairy free diet although a biopsy showed she was non coeliac. We did have to do a lot of our own research though to arrive at the exclusion diet (thanks to your work) so we have proved that she does indeed benefit greatly from this diet. If he had suggested this upfront as a recognised condition we could have considered this sooner and not felt so desperate. JW Jan 13

Anyway I have been feeling so much better – sticking to a gluten free diet etc, I now have got rid of the bloating. I think the antibiotics earlier in the year for the H pylori must also have helped because the indigestion has settled now,  Going to the loo is now normal with no diahorea.  I am still taking  a low dosage beta blocker for irregular heartbeat, but that is much better too,I also  think the beta blockers stop me feeling anxious as I have a lot of caring to do for my 91 year old Mum.  I also wonder if all the symptoms I was getting earlier in the year were the results of the stress of my Dad’s illness and then his death plus my Mum being very reliant on me,  Then we moved house 2 months after Dad had died so two very big life events.  I would like to wish you and Phillip a very Happy New Year and to thank you for the help that you gave me when I was feeling so ill. CG Jan 13

It’s great – so straightforward and encouraging. Even my husband is interested, thank goodness as he’s been in denial, believing that he can’t survive without carbs (he’s made in the bread machine daily for the last 10 years) – and tea! I became so immersed in your blog yesterday that I hardly moved from my computer and the ironing never got done! JC Jan 13 re Belly Fat ebook

I want to take a moment to thank you for all of your diligence, effort, love and care that you have put into this blog. I absolutely appreciate your service. RM Nov 12

I’ve passed your blog details onto quite a few friends and their families who seem to be going through similar issues with the gluten thing. I’m sure they’ll find a huge amount of value in your work as I have. DR Nov 12

Been a while since last contact but I am still going with gf/df and almost fully tgf :). I had some v interesting health screening results this week. At work they have introduced free screening focused on heart health with the opportunity to compare our individual results each time. I was screened for the first time in Oct 2010 just as I was starting my gf/df journey and i have been screened again this week (Oct 2012).

Big difference – the nurse was amazed at the positive change and said she wished more people wld take on my attitude to health and to continue what I was doing!

My BMI has dropped from 29.1 to 24.  I was verging on their obese rating and I am now within the desirable range. My blood pressure remains on the low side which is normal for me and my resting pulse rate is now indicative of one who exercises regularly (to which I laughed as I would say it’s more sporadic but I’m working on that!).

My blood composition was the most interesting. Although my TC (‘bad’ cholesterol) has increased from 3.66 to 6.1 my HDL ‘good’ cholesterol has increased from 0.4 to 2.28 which apparently is the most significant positive change.  This means the ratio between my good & bad cholesterol is apparently excellent and has dropped from 4.2 to 2.7.  The nurse seemed particularly excited about that for me!

Overall my relative risk (particularly for angina and heart attack – which runs on both sides of my family) has dropped from 49% to 4% – this is based on my risk relative to those in my age and gender range.

When I speak to both my parents about this it’ll be interesting to see their reaction as so far they are both sticking to the ‘healthy grains/low fat’ advice they both get from their doctors yet they both still continue to see little improvement in their ongoing health issues.

The info you share continues to inspire, support & keeps me knowing I’m on the right track for my good health 🙂 CW Oct 12

I don’t know what I’d do without your help.  Thanks again. CG Oct 12

You really are my only help, I have yet to find anyone here to help me… RB Oct 12

Your help is seriously like heaven to me. DR Oct 12

My Barrier healing progress marker: I am able to absorb & tolerate friendly pro-biotics!! I was very depressed not being able to afford or get the absorption type tests to measure my progress, but now I am so very thrilled cuz I can once again after 10 years take friendly bacteria. All being on Micki Rose TGF diet!!

After 6 months TGF I could sleep on my side with out my lungs getting painfully stuck together like glue & congested so I could not breathe.
Might this have been stage a 1st barrier healing in the lungs?

After 10 months TGF, I am now able to absorb friendly dairy gluten free pro-biotics without the terrible debilitating allergic reactions. I noticed I have more energy & have better focus, clarity & memory so possibly my gut & blood brain barrier are healing at same time being on the badly needed friendly pro-biotics?. BA Oct 12

So happy you are like a guiding ANGEL to all of us! WOW.I have been off all grains since JAN 12. Found I you in FEB. 🙂 My pain & mental clarity greatly improve after. Huge big thank you so much!! 🙂 BA Sep 12

Thank goodness for your website. CG Sep 12

Thanks again for making all this information available in one place JA Sep 12

Thank you so much for all your fab answers they really do help and I evidentally have a lot to learn! DR Sep 12

I collapsed at home in April and so I spent a month in hospital in April, they did loads of tests and couldn’t find anything wrong.  I still find it hard to believe that out of all the Doctors I saw last year, literally loads, not one suggested a food intolerance!  I don’t think I’d be in this mess now if someone had suggested it to me, I had no idea that all the pain I had was caused by Gluten/grain. Thank you. CG Sep 12

This blog is constant source of info for me and I am always recommending it to others. Thanks Micki! DR Sep 12

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me, you were so kind and supportive DH Aug 12

I am pleased to say that I am feeling much better since I contacted you last; when I look back at my message I am again reminded how grateful I am to be able to put it all down and have somebody with your experience and patience read it and reply. I have continued to find it a great support for which I thank you. AH Aug 12

You’ve been so helpful and I have highly recommended you to family and friends.
Thank you. AP Aug 12
Thank you Micki! This is extremely helpful for me. Your service is so valuable. JK July 12

I just want to thank you for creating such an informative website about gluten.  I’ve been searching for these answers for years and you summed everything up so well. J July 12

Thankyou so much for taking the time to respond. You’re very generous with your time and support. HE July 12

I want to say again, I really appreciate your site and articles.  You are ahead of the curve, not behind it like so many others. P July 12

Received your wonderful documents and looks like they should answer my questions.  thank you very much.  My husband is very ill and this should be big help for him. RT July 12

Thank you so much for your efficiency with this and for making sense of it all. Quite a few ‘light bulb moments’ with all of this – can’t thank you enough and look forward to a happy ‘gut’ AE July 12

A few years ago i tried going gluten free (strictly for 9 months) horrible experience and didn’t heal at all. …recently decided to give it another go and again felt dreadful, worse than before, yet confused as was sure gluten was a problem. found your site 10 days, read your thoughts on corn and couldn’t decide between “that’s ridiculous it’s far too limiting” and “hmm, that could be the missing link”….gave it a go, cue headaches, fluey symtpomts, bad moods, and a week later,came out the other side!Really so grateful to you, as i was on the verge on giving up again.thankyou, E July 12

While I am quite happy for you to cancel my membership, I am not happy about picking your brain and the knowledge on your web site in the future for free. I will pop a cheque in the post to you to cover a few more months membership at least. CG June 12

I did read the whole plan when I was away and it really is GREAT. As always I am Sooooo impressed with your attention to detail! Michelle BJ June 12

Still feeling soooo much better without the gluten & dairy, onwards & upwards.

Thanks a billion as always. LP June 12

Spent some time going into your website and downloaded your material last night…… Very exciting stuff! I have a naturopathic background and have been experiencing urticaria, angiodema and fatigue on a daily basis. It’s very frustrating when I am surrounded by all the right people on the natural health industry but I have really been getting nowhere or had any answer.

I want to thank you for your dedication and the amazing research and work you have put into the programs… Wow, I actually feel like this will be the answer I have been looking for these past couple of years. HG May 12

Thanks for being there, it really means a hell of a lot. DT May 12

Once again thanks very much for your assistance on this.  I think it’s great that consumers have direct access to ordering lab tests via your site.  I’m sure I’ll be wanting to run some more down the line.  AR May 12

FLIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPINNG HECK !!!!! THISIS WONDERFUL NEWS. (very excited about adrenal results which have refused to pick up for several years and for the first time are in normal after removal of grains) HM May 12

Wow!! Thank you very much Micki Rose for all this great info. M May 12
Thank you so much for sending this to me.  I’m not all the way through it yet.  I’m excited to join the forum in the future as I know that will help answer a lot of questions.  Thank you again for all that you’ve done for me and for others.  You are truly a gift.  MA April 12

I woke up this morning, checked my email on my phone while I was in bed and wound up waking my husband up to read your email to him. I was in tears and honestly, am in tears again as I write this to you. I can’t begin to tell you how thankful we both were to receive your response – I know you’re very busy and it meant so much to know you took the time to write back, and quickly!

We have been praying that God would guide us and direct us to answers and your website was a complete God-send. I pray God blesses your medical talents…your articles and insight were a beacon for us last night. LE April 12

Thanks Micki for all your help – I don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t found you. Feel like I’m living a nightmare at the moment! CG Mar 12

You do have to be patient on the gluten free diet. I have multiple sensitivities, and have been on a strict diet for approx 14 months, It is has only been in the last few weeks, I am actually feeling ‘normal’ and well. So the message is Be patient, it will happen! JH mar 12

You’re doing a great job. Keep up the good work because this stuff is SO needed. MM Mar 12

I have only discovered your site in the last few days but thank goodness I did. It’s been a godsend. Thank you so much for doing the leg work for us – and long may it continue. CW Feb 12 re TGF site

Many thanks for all the useful information in your ebook and on your websites – I’ve learnt so much! AE Feb 12



I no longer feel crazy after reading from your site! I have hope & I am empowered! Looking fwd to the barrier diet & protocol!

I just cannot believe I have found your site. I am tired, emotional and so fed up of doctors telling me I cannot be allergic to grains and to take an antidepressant. First I want to thank you for ringing me this afternoon, it was great to talk to someone who understands what I’m going through. CG Feb 12

I have this evening read your Truly gluten Free eBook from cover to cover.  What an amazing read!  I have been horrified at the amount of ‘hidden’ gluten there is in everything! CG Feb 12

Thank you again for your invaluable help. I will gladly ask for your services again.. MM Feb 12

Your blog & website are brilliant KT Feb 12

I am so grateful for all the work you do – much of it unpaid – and I would like to give you £500 donation so you can keep up the good work. D Feb 12

At first when I went gluten free I did very well.  Then I decided that I deserved the gluten free snacks and beer that are available and slid backwards.  I suspected these other grains, but all I ever heard from the doctors was “no wheat, barley, rye or oats” right?  My neighbor sent me the link to your article and I went “I KNEW IT!” So now, no more of those grain products for me at all.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!  PC Feb 12

Thank you so much. I have only discovered your [TGF] site in the last few days but thank goodness I did. It’s been a godsend. I have Crohn’s disease not Coeliac disease, but know from following an elimination diet that I am intolerant of wheat, dairy, corn, oats, citrus fruits and several other ingredients.

I have learned from experience to read labels thoroughly and have just had to ditch some vitamin supplements as the small print revealed they contained milk! My mistake. But this is where your site comes into its own! In Deep Appreciation. B Feb 12 re TGF site

Anyhow, thankyou once again, I am so so glad I came across your website, your service is invaluable & it has given me renewed hope that I will find the answer, by looking outside of the box a bit more.. EP Jan 12

Thank you so much. I have only discovered your [TGF] site in the last few days but thank goodness I did. It’s been a godsend. I have Crohn’s disease not Coeliac disease, but know from following an elimination diet that I am intolerant of wheat, dairy, corn, oats, citrus fruits and several other ingredients.

I have learned from experience to read labels thoroughly and have just had to ditch some vitamin supplements as the small print revealed they contained milk! My mistake. But this is where your site comes into its own!

Thank you so much for doing the leg work for us – and long may it continue. CW Jan 12

Just signed up for your newsletter several weeks ago and always read your page in the Saddleworth Monthly, you will be Saddleworthly missed! DS Jan 12

Thanks for all your help and guidance over the last few years. MK Jan 12

I’ve always enjoyed and read your column first. Good luck and thank you. RK Jan 12

I am grateful to you beyond what I can say.  Your approach and manner and knowledge is world class.  All Doctors should be sent to you for some bedside manner training- I’m serious !  I don’t want to inflate your ego too much but I have never come across anyone like u !  Tell P he’s a lucky man ! HM Jan 12

Anyhow, thankyou once again, I am so so glad I came across your website, your service is invaluable & it has given me renewed hope that I will find the answer, by looking outside of the box a bit more.. EP Jan 12

“Thanks micki – still sticking to the new diet, it’s been nearly a year now, and it’s had an additional benefit in that it’s finally meant I’ve had to learn to cook!  The diet is an absolute way of life now and because my body has healed so much it means I can have the odd ‘naughty’ treat without it giving me the explosive side effects it used to – it’s changed my life for the better! EP Nov 11

Thought I’d share my good news with you and offer my thanks for your success: Glucose reading last few years: 6.1, 6.0 now 4.8, I’m told normal!! My PSA rise which has climbed faster than I’d like since March from 0.42 has also been arrested, Sept 0.6 to 0.58 now.  On this point, the only difference in diet the last few months has been the selenium loaded multi vits you prescribed. KS Dec 11

Thank you very much for getting back to me.  The information you have provided istruly valuable. A huge thank you. JC Nov 11

You’re an angel for doing all this work for us!!! If we’d rely on docs they would have put us in mental houses, strapped in with soft white padded rooms because they think we’re crazy (well, maybe a little). If it weren’t for you, a lot ( a LOT) of people would still be suffering and fighting every day.. you’re giving them a chance to get well, and that’s the greatest gift in this world! NM Nov 11

I am a coeliac who wasn’t diagnosed til late in life, aged 40, although I obviously had the disease in infancy. I’m 56years old and although I am strictly gluten free to the point of neurosis I have had problems of late which seemed similar to my symptoms which eventually led to my diagnosis. My blood test for EMAs was negative. I had a feeling that corn might be causing my problem. I used Google and came across your website. I purchased your book and have just started to read it. The ideas and research outcomes discussed in your book seem to make perfect sense to me! I will be cutting corn out of my diet now and other foods too by the looks of it. Thank you for this book. If only I could convince the gastroenterology doctors I work with to read this book. KF Nov 11 re TGF book.

Dealing with a non local health practionner by email was quite a leap of faith for me. But I want to thank you, you probably saved my life… and my sanity. :O) You did so much more than any other health practitioner I have met in person. Thank you!!

Perhaps I shouldn’t say this but it’s a relief. CA, Oct 11

Just a couple of lines to keep in touch. In the last few weeks I’ve been feeling well. I think the benefits of the last six month on the tablets you gave are starting to work. I feel more energetic and started to exercise more regularly. RS Sep 11

He started back at school on Monday and has managed full time every day so far. He even went swimming after school last night! DC Sep 11 (after a few weeks on TGF, 9 year old boy off school with chronic fatigue)

Thank you so much for the advice to go grain free. I am pleased to say that finally my hair has stopped falling out again and is soft and shiny. The severe pain in the palm of my hand has gone as has the pain in my knee and most of all my hands haven’t gone bluey orange and swollen for a few days now. I feel slightly bereft at night as my restless leg syndrome has also gone. I’m so used to twitching I almost want to keep moving my leg out of habit seems alien to lie at peace!! Have a slight tingling in a shoulder blade for a few minutes each night but am sure that will go with time.

Thank you, thank you, thank you,. Will be up to visit for an appointment sometime over the next few months. for sure. In the mean time it is wonderfully supportive to know you are on a blog and have the web site.

If I can ever do anything to help please say- not a great fund raiser but I do go running so could do a charity run to raise awareness if that is ever useful. CG Sep 11

The test results are great news, it’s amazing that my bones are improving, I’m so pleased and thankful to you. MC Sep 11

Thanks for your support.  My family are so relieved to see some definitive progress at last.  I honestly can say I am going to do all I can to maintain my health and maybe I will feel better than I ever did ?  My teens onwards were lousy and at 37 I can claim some time back.  What a journey !!!  Onwards and upwards , hurrah. Thanks cannot express our gratitude. HM Aug 11

What I have read of your TGF ebook so far makes perfect sense to me. Wish my GP would read it! I have a lot yet to learn. Thank you. CM Aug 11

I can hardly believe how much better he is – still crossing my fingers – he went for a 9 mile off road bike ride with A on Sunday and was fine afterwards!!

Think I am beginning to feel better too – apart from not getting enough sleep due to all the cooking!!  I got to the top of 2 large flights of stairs at the museum in town without even thinking about it – fingers crossed that I will make it up Snowdon one day! SC Aug 11 (both herself and son suffering long-term chronic fatigue)

Thanks so much again, and also for all the wonderful information you provide. CM July 11

Loving your blogs. HM July 11

Thanks so much for your help – I was actually starting to think I was going mad as I was so tired and couldn’t work out why. I’m so glad I found your website. CW June 11

Many thanks Micki I am glad I found you and for the help you have given me thus far. I shall keep your details close by. BT June 11

Thank you so much for giving me your time and expertise, just wish that you were on the NHS with your thinking and care. Thank you BT June 11

The TGF website is taking shape really well and your recent coeliac week blogs very good. 🙂 CW June 11

Just a brief note to send you my best wishes for the summer and my continued  thanks for your advice and friendship this time last year when I was in such a quandary. I am pleased to say that my progress continues well and some days I feel absolutely brilliant – which I didn’t expect at 711/2! AH June 11

You are worth your weight in gold.  I am so glad I called now!  I will be staying home all next week to monitor and pay extra attention to all this.  I can say truthfully that I do for the first time believe my body isn’t totally ruined and that I can heal myself.  I must have some fight in me as my adrenals want to work – I can feel it.  I spent the last two years not understanding my health and now I feel that I can make judgements and question what I am doing.  I know this is your business and that you need to pay your bills, but S and I trust you and thank god that we came across your website one very deflated, hopeless evening.  I know I am going to have good and bad days but at least I can say I have found the rungs on the ladder and started to climb.  I need to look back and then I realise in such a short time there has been a fight back from little old me.  I am unhappy that I look like someone I am not but maybe later you can sort out some anti ageing regime for me too !!!!

The ultimate for me will be when I can take J out and keep up with the other mums.  I don’t want to let him and S down anymore.  Please continue to support me.

Thanks from a very grateful H x HM May 11

I feel good. Should that change I will be in touch in a flash for you to fix me again 🙂  Thank you for caring, without you I wouldn’t be where I am today. WR May 11

I’m so glad I rang! What is it like being so clever?! HM May 11

Thanks for being one of the few doctors looking outside the box. We need you! BN May 11

I had a few friends to stay a couple of weekends ago and catered for them on my dietary requirements.  They said it was the best food they’d had and were really surprised that a healthy diet is far from boring!  One of my friends is starting her wheat/dairy free journey but was stumped when it came to variety in her diet as she doesn’t cook much.  She took away plenty of easy ideas!  Great fun!

…thank you again for all your support at the time I needed it most.  On reflection I have no idea where I’d be now if I’d not had your guidance over the last six months – probably would have been off sick a lot and thoroughly miserable! CW April 11.

I have found your [How To Eat Well] Ebook extremely useful and have now cut out wheat and dairy products for good! My gut is now comfortable and I feel that the healthy recipes in the book have given me added vitality. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. PW April 11

Thanks so much for your help – I was actually starting to think I was going mad as I was so tired and couldn’t work out why. I’m so glad I found your website. CW Apr 11

I do realise how much work is involved in what you do and cannot thank you enough for all your help, it’s the first time I actually feel I am getting somewhere and it really makes so much sense in what you say. Many thanks. DW Apr 11

All is going well with the exclusion diet so far. I have had no problems except one incident after mayonnaise for over 3 weeks now which is unheard of for me. I never thought it possible! – I just can’t believe the difference. EP Mar 11

All is progressing well with the wheat/dairy free and low sugar diet and I’m enjoying my ‘alternative’ food very much. I’ve been sleeping better ever since I reduced (and now, cut out completely) wheat. I do feel that I have more energy too. All heading in the right direction, I think. MG Mar 11

Comments on the new TrulyGlutenFree ebook:

I asked an editor if I could improve the book and she replied: “I thought it was pretty A1 ace really. Not sure what else you could have said, or said better, where….” MBJ. Yay! Praise indeed.

I was very impressed with your Truly Gluten Free book – and a bit overwhelmed by all the information.  I now need to get my act together – and this order [for the wheat and dairy free recipe book] is the first step. SW Feb 11

I have been doing a bit of reading trying to get gluten free recipes etc, and they aren’t truly gluten free at all – and I only know that by the information you have already provided me – so the link for me is trust.  Which I have with you.  The information I downloaded from your website recently is so interesting, factful and I did think whilst reading it that it must have taken you a long time to compile. GR Feb 11

“I have now finished your TGF book and the whole TGF concept is quite mind boggling. It’s really made me rethink even more what is in our food and other products we use daily. The first part of the book made immediate sense and was relatively easy to grasp but when I got onto the whole corn thing I just kept thinking OMG I hope my issue is not with corn!!! It’s quite extraordinary how quickly we (western society) have introduced such things into our diet and everyday lives in such quantities without really knowing the effect of them.” CW Feb 11

“OMG – I’ve only got through the first few pages and it makes so much sense!  The challenge for this whole area though is that it’s not straightforward to explain – for the medical and naturopathic professions, individuals and the media.   You really have put in a huge amount of work to start this process though – thank you & well done.  I’ll carry on reading and let you know more.” CW Feb 11

“Thanks – have listened to the video – absolutely fascinating and quite shocking !!! I cannot believe the list of symptoms it causes – re mine, aneamia, hair loss, skin conditions, bloating, etc etc !!  I have ordered your truly gluten free e book and I have also this morning ordered the genetic gluten test.” GR Feb 11

This is all really helpful and clear – thank you for your time and attention and expertise!  MF Feb 11

I liked your blog re New Year Assessment!  Very relevant to me. I feel good, ‘regular’ (even occasional twice a day – I didn’t believe you when you said that’s possible!) and I have dropped another couple of pounds in weight. Thanks again for your support and advice. CW Jan 11

Since we last spoke Ive not had a bad day just a middle of the road on in December which to what I used to be is brilliant, I enjoyed christmas a lot more this year. SD Jan 11

That [blog post] was really awesome, I laughed out loud, Loved it thank you hahahahahaha!!! WR Dec 10

Thanks so much for all your support during the past year – from several people in Christmas cards and emails. I have such lovely patients and it is a pleasure to help!

With love and thanks for all the help and wise guidance you have given me this year. AH Dec 10.

By the way love the newsletter – absolutely brilliant, good reading and good content.  Hope they come out regularly!JM Dec 10

Thanks again. You are a real mine of info! Don’t know what I’d do without you!! Just off to write to the EU Commissioner about the stupid food supplements directive! SC Dec 10

Thank you so much for your help, I knew you would help me. MS Nov 10

This [email consultation] is a marvellous way to consult….. I feel I can think clearly about what I want to know and get terrific benefit from being able to read your response and consider it. AH Nov 10

Thank you again for your time and thank you for what you do helping people discover what is really wrong with them and dealing with it! RH Nov 10

Your factsheets are very useful and well written, so easy to understand 🙂 CW Nov 10

Well the detox you put me on went well and the results have been outstanding. I have felt so much better in general and my tum has totally calmed down – no bloating, no growling and my bowel movements have been much more regular and solid. I have lost 9lbs too so that’s good, feel better about myself. ND Nov 10

Many thanks for the brilliant information, really appreciate your help – you are a star and my lifeline! SW Nov 10

I looked at loads of nutritionists’ websites and I chose to come and see you because your website was great. I felt like you were in the room talking just to me. JP Nov 10.

I can’t believe how much better I am feeling these days and very much hoping it will last for ever if I am sensible. I continue to be most grateful for your support; it has completely eliminated my fear of the unknown. I have no doubt that others say the same.

Every good wish. AH Nov 10

Nutritionist Micki Rose has done it again!  Come up with another invaluable bit of information for allergics! MB-J Foodsmatter.com, Nov 10

Thanks for your newsletter. My goodness you are a busy lady, your website is brilliant and I want to say how much I appreciate what you do! VB Nov 10

I’m now at the start of week three of being truly wheat and dairy free and just can’t imagine ever going back to my previous diet!  I weighed myself at the weekend and I’m under 11 stone for the first time in years.  I had to pin my trousers by the end of last week and a number of people commented at work that I was looking well and ‘have you lost weight’?CW Oct 10

Good to meet you and thank you for a fascinating two hours.  It was, as you said, a lot to take in.   But just talking it all through and then having some direction to get to the bottom of the way I’m feeling is great…A huge thank you – without getting too deep and meaningful, this whole experience you are sharing is quite profound! CW Oct 10

Good spirits and confidence: 10 on your scale! Thank you! AH Oct 10

I picked you because I felt you seemed to know more  than other clinics that I looked at and what you say on your website made sense for Candida as I know it. TF Sep 10

As per your advice, I have cut dairy out at the moment and am just drinking soya milk, Soya yog’s etc, it seems to have made a big difference, things are solid and I feel strong again with a lot of energy and nearly back to normal. TE Sep 10

I suggest that you ask Micki Rose, who has never failed to come up with something for us yet, no matter how strange the query we lob her. Editor Foodsmatter.com, Sep 10

Your [Menopause] factsheet was excellent. I have to say, the thing I most like is your matter of fact style of writing (it’s like you’re sitting next to me chatting away.) I’ve been following most of the ‘natural approach’ points….and I feel much much better and less like a lump of lard. DW Sep 10

I just want to say a big thank you for all your support and knowledge so far!  You are the first person who is actually interested in helping and are looking into a number of things for me.  As you know, I have had so many appointments with doctors and specialists and they have only ever told me to take iron tablets or to just be patient things will sort themselves out!  So it is a massive relief to me that you are helping and just wanted to extend my appreciation. GR Sep 10

You are always so lovely and reassuring….I am feeling so dreadful today that I had already decided to go completely yeast, wheat and dairy free again tomorrow and hope for a Micki miracle.SP Sep 10

I can’t believe it; I feel so different to how I used to feel. I have lost all the bloating and wind symptoms, have changed the way I eat, cut down on alcohol and started exercising. I have also started losing weight – 7lb and 5″ on my belly so far! Thank you for getting me – and keeping me – on track! JC Sep 10

Thoroughly enjoyed your newsletter this month! GR Sep 10

The good news is that my physical symptoms are much improved.  Cystitis more or less gone.  Sleeping better.  Legs mostly better. So that was a result and I would like to thank you.  AL July 10

Thanks for the information I knew if anybody could help me it would be you. Thank you so much. LT June 10

“Micki is a mine of information and advice on all things nutritional and to do with the skin. A multi-intolerant herself  (see her ‘Diary of a food intolerant’) she runs the Pure Health Clinic in Warwickshire from whence appears an excellent blog on which she posts regularly on all the above topics, plus many more. Alternatively, you can sign up to get all of her blogs as a monthly newsletter. Massively informative – and good fun.” A lovely comment on FoodsMatter blog directing people to my blog! MB-J Sep 10.

Thanks very much for the newsletter, as always I found it very funny and informative! JM June 10

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Out of all the doctors and all the people I have ever seen about all this, you are the first that has actually listened to me. Thank you. VS June 10

You are kind, and thank you for your goodness. AC April 10

This was a case of a woman with chronic cystitis, heartburn and an extremely sore coated tongue. She had an initial consultation, some tests and one review with plenty of email support:

“Having never had any previous experience with a Naturopath/Nutritionist before, I booked my first appointment with Purehealth with scepticism.  However, the advice and help I received was second to none.  Within a short period of time my symptoms disappeared with the added bonus that I also lost 12lbs in weight whilst eating delicious healthy foods alongside the supplements Micki recommended.  The monthly health bulletins which continue to follow even after consultations have finished have also proved to be very informative, interesting and fun.
Thank you Purehealth”. SP April 10

Thank you for taking the time to educate us with your newsletters and columns. We really miss you in the village. LI April 10.

I LOVE your newsletter; you really should write books. You have such a lovely turn of phrase and you make me laugh out loud! WR April 10.

Micki, I really appreciate your helping me like this, thank you and bless you. AC April 10.

Call from a lady who I had seen years before with her daughter: ‘Just wanted to call to say my daughter has just been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, which is what you said years ago. It has taken us until now to get the diagnosis, and I wanted to let you know you were right all along. Thank you for pointing us in the right direction.’ April 10.

Successful case: woman who ‘wanted her life back’ feeling out of control emotionally and physically with body aching, whole body itching, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, recurrent myriad physical symptoms. Scored herself 10 (as bad it gets) and within 2 months on prescription programme scored 0 (well). ‘I walked out of the first appointment with you and just felt so different; I knew it was going to be alright. Thank you for talking to me. I haven’t thought about the emotional problems since that time and it feels like a huge weight has been lifted from me. I feel like I’ve got my life back at last. Thank you so much.’ WR Mar 10.

I couldn’t believe it. My bloating and pain went within 3 days of starting the prescription and diet – after forty years! I am so pleased. JC Mar 10.

I love your newsletter – I get loads of them every day but yours is the only one I read CS Jan 10

I always come back to you – you’re the only one who can join the dots together, thank you! SC Oct 09

Thanks so much for today, I can finally see a sliver of light at the end of that dark dark tunnel WR Oct 09

Thank you for all the support it really helps keep me on track and highlights that there is light at the end of the tunnel,when I think there is not. BW Sep 09

You know how much I value all that you have done to make me feel well. SR Sep 09

L is doing so well – my childminder can’t get over how happy he is, he really does seem less ‘disturbed’ for want of a better word and I don’t mean mentally I mean in terms of his little tum bless him. Thanks for all your help – very much appreciated. AC Mar 09

Thank you for helping us to overcome many of our health problems over the past few years. We miss seeing you and wish you both good luck (and good health) in the future. Will you come back if we promise not to sing?! AP, EP, Feb 09

Heartburn is now a thing of the past. Very grateful to you. SA, Feb 09

Just wanted to let you know I have just read your newsletter and it has made me feel very positive as I too have felt very down recently with all the ‘doom and gloom’.  Your words were very inspiring so I thought you might like to know that you have given me a boost for the New Year with a new attitude! J Thank you. LM Jan 09

Thank you for your great, positive, newsletter.. I’m sorry to hear you’re not doing the Mossley appointments anymore, I’m just so thankful that you were around last year to sort out my problems. SA, Jan 09

I can’t believe how much better I feel in such a short time. Thank you so much! MK Jan 09

I’m overwhelmed by your kindness and knowledge. Thank you. EO Jan 09

I feel great. I’m not tired all the time or aching everywhere any more. I feel that at long last I am starting to feel like the woman I always knew I was inside. JM Dec 08

I am officially in love with the Borlind skincare. I am selling all the expensive stuff I haven’t opened on ebay. i can’t bear to use anything with toxic chemicals in now you’ve shown me. And thanks for a great party – everyone was fascinated! Louise Dec 08

Thank you very much for coming back to me so quickly. I have been very impressed with your website and service and will definitely use you again, and recommend you to other people. Thank you so much! C Nov 08

“I’ve really focused on the ‘Lose your belly’ programme over the last month or so, with noticeable results – even got a couple of positive comments as people have started to notice, so, thankyou ! In weight terms I’ve lost 10 lbs and in inches terms all I can say is that when I’m wearing trousers with a waist fastener and zip, I no longer need to undo them to take them off, so, good few inches / generous dress size from my stomach, I think!” SS, Oldham Sep 08 (now 14lb as I write this!)

We couldn’t believe the improvement could be so quick. Our 16 year old daughter was diagnosed with ME and a week after seeing you all her symptoms had gone. We have had no help at all from our doctors who even recommended we see a psychiatrist! Thank you so much. We are telling everyone. IH June 07

The diet is going brilliantly, despite my initial scepticism, and I’ve had zero stomach cramps since Day Two. CJ Dec 2006

Many thanks for everything you have done for me over the two years (!!!!!!!!!) you have been working with me, I would not be as well as I am without you. I am now looking forward to clearing all my problem areas and eating CAKE!!!! ( my husband goes mad when I say that he thinks I am going to eat nothing but cake, but there are always biscuits and sweets and chocolate!!!!!!!!) Only joking, I am not going to jeopardise what I have achieved by binging on anything. Maureen M Dec 2005

I really am feeling a lot better now. I’d say I am back to where I was about 3 years ago. Sharon C, June 2005

I just wanted to send you this to say a really big thank you for all the help that you have given me and to let you know the outcome of my visits with you. I am sure you have seen lots of people and sometimes wonder if they ever achieved the goals they were trying to reach when they originally came to see you. Well, I am well on the way.

“Thank you for all the help you have given me over the last year – you’ve changed my life!” Heidi, December 2002

“Thanks very much for your kind support through Mary’s present illness. I don’t know what we would have done without you.” Alan and Mary B, December 2002