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Below this intro, you will find all the test pages, with my recommendations for best tests in each area eg. adrenals, thyroid, immune, hormones etc. Follow the links given on each page to see more information, sample reports, collection instructions etc and be able to purchase them.

Some links will take you to the Purehealth shop and I do those for you. Other links will take you straight to the lab. These are referral links so the lab knows it comes via me and it triggers a small commission for me, which helps me keep the service going. I don’t do all the tests myself now simply because it gives me more time to research, write and care for you.

Obviously, there are many more tests than those I’ve mentioned. You can go straight to the labs using the buttons below to search for something and you can use a Lab Test Request if you can’t find something you need:

IMPORTANT: If using Genova or Invivo, please send me an email or forward me the confirmation so I know where to send results when they come in. If you don’t email me, I can’t send them! For Biolab, you can’t order direct, so use a lab test request form here. I will confirm price and invoice you. All results will be released after payment is received.


Regenerus and Medichecks will email you your results usually within about 3 weeks. I will email you any from Genova, Invivo or Biolab. Some are taking a tad longer due to Covid shenanigans currently. Most results come with very good reports which will help you interpret your tests. For Genova, Invivo and Biolab, I will usually send you a brief email and highlight anything/tell you next steps if necessary. If you need further help on any test results, you can book some Support here.

Not Sure What You Need/Bit Stuck?

It can be a minefield, I know. Have a look around. Check out What Tests Should I Do?, Live Chat me or email me at and I’ll give you a steer. Even better, send me some background and book an Ask Micki or other support here.

If you can’t find what you need easily below, use the search function (top menu).

Adrenal Tests

Allergy & Intolerance Tests


Blood Chemistry Tests

Detox Tests

Diabetes, Blood Sugar & Metabolic

Genetic Tests

Gluten and Cyrex Tests

Gut Tests

Cardiovascular Heart and Stroke Tests

Hormone Tests

Immune Tests

Infection Tests

Inflammation Tests

Organic Acid Tests

Neurotransmitter Mood Tests

Thyroid Tests

Toxin, Mould & Chemical Tests

Nutrition (Vitamin & Mineral) Tests

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