Exercises for Beginners or Feeling Weak After Illness

If we have been poorly or inactive for a long time, it is really hard to start doing some exercise, but it is a really good idea to start trying to strengthen the body when you feel ready. Most exercise routines are just too much when you feel weak, so today I share with you a video of beginner exercises from my favourite physical therapist peeps.

Some of the exercises are even done lying down so you can do them if you are bed-bound.

Why do them?  They will help move blood and lymph around so helping you bring oxygen – and therefore healing – to static areas, as well as strengthen muscles and release tension, especially in the upper body ie. the shoulders, neck, arms and back. And don’t forget the effect on mood: exercise is proven to cheer you up because of the release of endorphins and the very fact that you achieved something, however little!

10 Minute Mind & Body ExerciseHave a go – do what you can and build up little by little. You might also want to download my free 10 Minute Exercise Book too and combine some of these body exercises with some yoga and meditation moves.

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