Mind-Body Medicine Affects Inflammation Gene Expression

A recent overview of studies suggest that one of the ways things like yoga, meditation, tai chi, hypnotherapy and the like help us with our physical health is that they downregulate expression of genes related to inflammation.

How fab is that? It helps when people can actually see a biochemical reason for what some people call ‘airy-fairy’ or ‘woo-woo’ medicine does for us, doesn’t it? Clearly, more research is needed, but this is a good start.

The authors concluded:

Overall, the studies indicate that these practices are associated with a downregulation of nuclear factor kappa B pathway; this is the opposite of the effects of chronic stress on gene expression and suggests that MBI practices may lead to a reduced risk of inflammation-related diseases.

Interestingly, we use Biotics KappArest in several of the Plans and protocols to do almost the same job – reduce the NF Kappa B pathway. In fact, I reviewed it here. It’s by no means cheap, but it is one of the best that works.

How much better if we could dovetail the two – and that’s precisely why I say for chronic disease, you should follow both the Gluten Plan and the Healing Plan for best results. I have found that approaching it from a biochemical, functional medicine perspective alongside a mind-body medicine one is by far the most successful way to get well from complex illnesses.

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You can read more about the plans here. And see the whole Mind-Body Medicine section of resources here. Why not start with one of Julie’s fabulous downloads?

You can read the full study here:

What Is the Molecular Signature of Mind–Body Interventions? A Systematic Review of Gene Expression Changes Induced by Meditation and Related Practices

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