Newsletter Clean-Up

info iconAs part of my communications clean-up, just to let you know that those of you who were subscribed to the separate newsletters such as Barrier Planners, Gut Planners, TGF Newsletter, Allergy 101 etc have been moved to the main Purehealth newsletter.

Don’t worry: nothing has changed for you!

It just means you will get all your usual blog posts from Purehealth newsletter now so it might look a bit different. Makes life soooo much easier for me to have you all in one big list. I originally did separate topic ones as I was launching new stuff like the Barrier Plan, Gluten Plan, Gut Plan etc but they are no longer needed now, and how did I know I would write so many plans?!

I hope you enjoy the posts in your monthly summary newsletter as much as I enjoy writing them! Ooh, I feel much lighter already – I’ll have so much more time to research and write stuff for you now 🙂

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