Hayfever Season, Start Now!

It’s well known that starting homeopathic treatment before the season starts is one of the best ways to prevent hayfever. For years now, we have been recommending Luffa Complex from Heels. This contains four different homeopathic ingredients at varying potencies to counteract the sneezing, itching, swelling and general misery of this condition. Many of you might not know about it, although it has been used since 1991, is classed as  a medicine in Germany and in trials it has been proven as effective as the normal sodium cromolyn nasal sprays usually recommended.

In one study (randomised and double-blind, thank you sceptics) 146 sufferers of hayfever/allergic rhinitis used Luffa nasal spray or the normal spray for 6 weeks. Both had equivalent good results bringinmg long-lasting symptom improvement and both were well tolerated. In practice and personally, we have found it works more often than not even for severe cases, but you are best to start early on. 

The general advice is to take 3 tablets of Luffa per day for 1-2 months before the season starts ie NOW! Then continue this and add 1 spray of the nasal spray per nostril 3-5 times a day during the season. The spray and tabs are pretty cheap. If you need some, please ask – I have to order for you as you cannot get it direct from Heels.

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