How To Get Pomegranate Seeds Out!

I don’t know about you, but I love the look of the tiny pink seeds of this fruit – they’re full of goodness (think of the colour) and they burst in your mouth releasing lovely aroma and flavour. But how do you get the little blighters out. If you’re old (ish) like me, you’ll remember pricking each seed out with a pin! I never realised that if you simply cut the pomegranate in half, turn the half upside down and tap smartly on the skin with a wooden spoon, the seeds will come tumbling out. Simple when you know how!

Use the seeds in yogurt and fruit for breakfast or sprinkle them on salads for a bit of colour and crunch. Or, if you need a pick me up and are not averse to a vodka occasionally, I saw a great idea recently – pop some of the seeds into shot glasses and pour the vodka over. I suppose you could do this too with sparkling wine or water too. Sounds yummy whichever way! Enjoy.

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  1. Did you know pomegranates made an appearance on Masterchef this week? Added to an asian salad. John and Greg were not impressed but I quite liked the idea. 🙂

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