Sainsbury’s Freefrom – New Products & Savings Until 23rd March

Sainsbury’s has just revamped its Freefrom range with over 100 new and improved products. I haven’t had a good chance to go through them yet, but thought I’d let you know so you can go and have a peek. Plus, I notice they have offers on the range of up to 50% until 23rd March. Go and stock your freezers up!

It’s also useful to know that they have product guides for lots of different allergens so you can see what products might suit you and then find them online or in-store. Go here to the Freefrom section of their website: Don’t be misled by some of the general allergy information they give you and stick to the guidelines we have discussed, but useful nonetheless. There are also some good recipes there. As usual, in a lot of cases manufacturers have removed the offending allergens but added shed-loads of additives, sugar, salt etc etc so they’re not exactly healthy, but for that time when you fancy a crumpet, macaroon or a freefrom biscuit with your Redbush tea, they’re useful.

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