What Colour Purse?

Did you know that in feng shui the colour of your purse or wallet can really make a difference? The colour can help you get more of what you want in life. Good excuse for a new purse, I’d say!

Just luurve a Radley purse, especially this understated tan number. Tan to help you save. Check it out here.
How’s this for colourful? Hot pink to protect your money. This comes in several colours. A nice, simple do-it-all purse. Choose your colour.

The sustainable choice. Made from fabric offcuts and recycled plastic bottles. With a pom-pom and a cheery message! Choose the gold for good cash flow.

If you are starting a new thing in life, like a job, relationship; just a new beginning in some way, pick a new purse in green or teal blue.

If you need more money in your life, choose red, gold or purple.

If you need to protect the money you do have and maintain levels, red or hot pink could be a good choice.

If money goes through your hands like water and you can’t seem to save, try brown, tan or yellow earth tones.

Make sure your new purse is kept tidy – no balled-up receipts or old cards. Keep the energy clear and open. Some say putting £9 in a sealed small red envelope in your purse will help with all things financial. Why £9? Nine is an auspicious number in Chinese philosophy.

Have fun, and enjoy your new purse!

Header pic: Image by BHASKAR JOSHI from Pixabay

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