New Covid Factsheet

I realised my COVID Guidance document on the blog was getting rather enormoose so I’ve updated it and made it into a proper factsheet for you. Much easier to find your way around and access all the info you could possibly need.

A 47 page freebie (I know!), I’ve included loads of tips I’ve picked up over the past (almost) year. Main topics include prevention, why some people get it but others don’t, lifestyle, diet, supplement protocols for adults and children, long-covid recovery with protocol suggestions, and the latest on vaccines.

I’ve also shared how to use masks even more effectively, how to protect your hands with all this washing, what to use if you can’t tolerate the grain alcohol in them, homeopathy for fear and anxiety and info on mouthwashes, plus much more. LOTS!

I shall endeavour to update it regularly for us all. Do make sure you are subscribed to the newsletter as I’ll announce when there’s an update there.

I hope you find it useful for yourself, your family and friends – and please do feel free to share it with anyone else you think it might help. It is not just about vaccines, I’m afraid: we have to make sure we are in tip-top condition, so we don’t succumb in the first place – and so the vaccine works as well as it possibly can. That’s what I’ve focused the factsheet on.

It’s the terrain, as they say, not the germ. x

You can get the new Covid Factsheet here.

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