COVID Vaccines 101: Types, Experience, Safety.

I’ve had quite a few of you reporting in that you’ve had your first – and second – vaccines and, so far, I’ve not heard of any real problems, which is GOOD news 🙂

Tim Spector of the ZOE Covid app is asking everyone to log their vaccine experience: which one they had, any effects etc on the app, and they are sharing that data with the medical health authorities. Please join and start logging your everyday health and vaccine details if you’re not doing that already, thank you.

ZOE Covid app.

COVID Vaccine Experience So Far

So far, Tim says fewer than 1 in 5 people have reported side effects after having a vaccine. The most common one reported is a sore arm, which you’d expect. Some people have temporary headaches and fatigue. Still fewer have some feverishness. Essentially, the same after a flu vaccine, so nothing much to worry about there.

The people most likely to have any side effects include women (as per, grr!), those under 55 and people who have had Covid relatively recently. The latter two are probably down to a stronger immune response compared to people over 55, when our immune response is known to be weaker, and if you’ve had a recent dose of it, your immune system will already be on heightened alert. There is actually some question of recent-Covids having just the one dose, but that is pure conjecture currently.

Happily, no-one has so far reported a major reaction via the app.

Here’s Tim’s latest video explaining this, and he is doing a special vaccines update webinar tomorrow (3rd Feb ’21) if you would like more information.

I also really like their simple post on the different types of vaccine and how they work here:

How do the different COVID-19 vaccines work and which one will you get?

And finally, as I know we all want to know about safety, this is the best explanation/discussion I’ve seen so far on the topic:

Are COVID-19 vaccines really safe?

I hope that all helps. There is a ton of information about, I know, but I like the simple, non-judgemental and non-hyped way Tim Spector and his team approach it. Please do join and log: the more information we have, the better.

And do come onto the Facebook groups to let me know how you get on with your vaccine. Let’s keep an eye on it together x

Purehealth Facebook group

TrulyGlutenFree Facebook group

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