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I need your help, please. What supplement brands do you most use?

I am just updating the Purehealth shop and have the chance to add different/more suppliers on. Christine and I have chosen the ones highlighted in yellow in the file below.

Are we missing any of your faves?? Please let me know asap, ta. Here’s the shop if you’re not already aware of it:. Purehealth Shop. I set it up because some supplements and brands are not available on ND, so it gives us another option to get what we need.

I am now being charged quite a lot to keep the shop open for us so I want to make sure it has what we need and that people use it more. Thanks for your help x

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  1. Hi Micki —- Microbiome Labs is a brand I like and was going to ask you to add them anyway. I especially like their Mega IgG IgA IgE product for mopping up bowel toxins. Also BioMatrix has a great h Pylori mix called Pylori-X which I like a lot. Thank you Micki –for all you do and are.

    1. Thanks Isabella, and for your lovely comment – made me smile. Yes, I love that Mega IgG. Microbiome labs is on there 🙂

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