Purehealth Shop Extended Range

Good news: I have just added a load more brands onto the Purehealth supplement shop for us. Thank you for your feedback on who you wanted when I asked.

New brands include: Pure Encapsulations, Now Foods, Apex, Cytoplan, Higher Nature, PRL, Nutri Advanced, Solgar, Microbiome Labs, Future Formulations, Designs for Health and quite a few more. No codes needed to order, which makes it nice and easy 🙂

I originally set the shop up so we could access Kirkman Labs (who do a lot of TGF supplements) and the amino acid mixes from Simply Nature. The Genova ONE and Nutreval give an amino acid prescription on their results reports and I wanted a way to get those made for you.

Not every product in the ranges is on there, otherwise it would be enormoose. But, let me know if you need something specific and I can ask for it to be added.

The prices are the same as Natural Dispensary and most other shops as they price-match regularly. And, we can add a TGF safe specific product here and there if we need to. Importantly, it gives us another place to source a product if it has gone out of stock at ND, which has happened quite a bit recently.

It does cost me quite a bit to have this shop available, so please use it if you can. I get a little bit of commission on purchases that don’t cost you any more, and that helps pay for all the research, writing and gabbing time! In this Covid time, it’s what’s keeping me afloat! Thank you.

Hope you find it useful. Feedback welcome, of course. You can see the shop here.

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