Lab Test Process Update

Since I changed the test service so I could crawl out from under the admin (!), I know some of you have been a bit confused. Sorry about that! I have today updated the test instructions a bit and put a link to all the different test sections (eg. Adrenal, Detox, Immune, Thyroid etc) on the main Lab Tests page so you can find everything all in one place.

I’ve also reinstated the Live Chat and – drum roll, please….- the ever-popular Ask Micki sessions are now on the shop for you. I enjoyed my break but I missed chatting with you!

Here’s the process anyway – is this clear enough now, better? Do let me know x:

You can see the Lab Tests overview page here, and the What Tests Should I Do? advice page should start you off.

Hope that makes sense. Let me know if I need to change anything still x

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