New Coeliac Book – Coeliac Disease: What You Need To Know

For those of you with coeliac disease rather than being TrulyGlutenFree (ie. cross-reactive to other glutens in grains and dairy, see here), friend Alex’s book will be a goodie for you. Check it out.

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  1. I sent message on other chat port but it didn’t seem to go through. I want to know please what this book eliminates re. grains. Conventionally the medical profession eliminates wheat, barley and rye. Allows gluten free oats and gluten free processed breads, pastas etc. In my approach I feel all grains should be eliminated and not just the gliadin grains. All grains have gluten so eliminate all grain and of course all gluten free made with other grains and additives etc. So what does this book allow. Great if it follows my approach it would be a valuable tool for clients.

    1. Hi Aileen, as I’ve said in the post, it is for traditional CD only so that will only be wheat, rye and barley. Not for TrulyGlutenFree-ers! I’m with you on the no grains or dairy at all school of thought but some people do only do the mainstream CD diet so this is for them.

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