Keep Calm & Boost Immunity 15: Is It Vitamin D?

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Yes, I’m back with my updates for you! Sorry about the hiatus whilst I moved home amongst this madness. This time, I was wondering why we are seeing more COVID cases in black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) populations – so the news was telling me last night. Could it be that they are traditionally low in Vitamin D levels at this time of year? It could be a factor, if obviously not the only one, so it is worth thinking about and covering your needs, I’d say.

Research is amassing that suggests there may be a correlation between people from areas of the world with traditionally lower levels of Vitamin D and those types of people who are doing worse with COVID-19. This quote from NutriLink recently suggests Vitamin D might be the one thing they would do to prevent infection. I have to agree with them there, if I had to choose.

If you were to look at just one intervention…there is mounting evidence that vitamin D for example is a negative endocrine regulator of the renin-angiotensin system (RAS) (a prime site for the ACE2 receptors that SARS-Cov-2 uses to enter the cells), and that optimisation of vitamin D levels can lower RAS activity via transcriptional suppression of renin expression.

Since at this time of the year (spring), the lack of vitamin D in the population of the northern hemisphere and in the black, Asian and minority ethnic population is widely observed, it is likely that the role of RAS in COVID-19 disease is not negligible. Indeed, the world distribution of COVID-19 fatalities appears to overlap with that of the vitamin D lacking population. [My emphasis, Ed]. Not to mention that people lacking vitamin D have a weaker innate immune defence against SARS-CoV-2. Vitamin D supplementation at 2-5000iu a day for adults is a very low risk, immune resilience generating option worth exploring.

You can see my recommendations on Vitamin D testing, products, foods and dosages in the full free document, which you can always find here.  I’ve added this to it under the section called

Why are some people more vulnerable than others?

Hope you find it useful.

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