Keep Calm & Boost Immunity 16: Why Are Men More At Risk?

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Following on from my last post talking about why BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic) groups may be more at risk of COVID-19, the same reason may be why men seem to be more at risk than women.

Put simply: men have more ACE2 enzymes in their blood than women do. High levels are found in the blood, kidneys, heart and blood tissue linings in men – which is where a lot of the COVID symptoms are appearing, I note. Read the WDDTY article on this here:

Why are men more likely to get Covid-19?

As I quoted last time from Nutri-Link:

If you were to look at just one intervention…there is mounting evidence that vitamin D for example is a negative endocrine regulator of the renin-angiotensin system (RAS) (a prime site for the ACE2 receptors that SARS-Cov-2 uses to enter the cells), and that optimisation of vitamin D levels can lower RAS activity via transcriptional suppression of renin expression.

In other words, make sure levels of Vitamin D – especially those of the male members of your family and friends – are optimal. You can do a simple fingerprick test here: and then follow the guidelines in the full Purehealth COVID Guidance document here for how to correct anything found.

I am rapidly coming to think that if I had to choose one thing to get absolutely right as a preventative for this virus, it is to ensure optimal Vitamin D levels. Add in some Vitamin A, C and zinc and I think you would go a long way to making your immunity stronger, helping you to avoid catching it altogether or at least lessening the severity if you did. Check the full document here and follow the dosage and product guidelines there.

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