Keep Calm & Boost Immunity 17: What Can We Learn So Far?

The news that a disproportionate number of diabetics are falling foul of COVID-19 should make us sit up and take notice, shouldn’t it? I think it gives us a real hint that it is time we sorted our diet and lifestyles out to enhance our resilience to viruses and other illnesses. Here’s a quote that has it spot-on in my view, from Nutri-Link:

Strikingly the failings of the US food system have left 88% of the population metabolically unhealthy. That means they are suffering from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, or pre-diabetes. And that means they are all at a higher risk of complications from the Covid-19 virus compared to the 12% who are deemed metabolically healthy. So, while there is still a lot we are learning about Covid-19, there are many studies emerging about the link between metabolic health and complications from Covid-19.

This means that the extent of the risk we individually face from Covid-19 is very much in our control via what we eat, how we exercise, sleep, and manage exposure to nature and stress.

Absolutely right. I can’t see the UK being much far behind those stats, can you? The problem is that the more overweight we are, the more inflammation we seem to have:

Underlying these various risk factors, including obesity, is the production of inflammatory cytokines and other defence generated chemicals, and likely plays a significant role in the death rate in Britain, where a large percentage of the population is already obese or overweight. Overweight people — almost two out of three Britons fall into this group — have been shown to have higher levels of inflammatory messenger molecules called cytokines, which interfere with and damage normal cell functions.

This effect can be seen in people’s response to vaccines.

A review of almost 90 studies — in the journal Vaccine in 2015 — showed that those with a body mass index (BMI) over 30 don’t produce antibody cells in response to vaccination against infectious diseases such as flu, tetanus and hepatitis because their immune systems are already not working properly.

That’s a teller, isn’t it?! I read a story yesterday that suggested one of the problems in severe COVID cases is a lack of T-cells – the immune cells we need to fight the virus – and experts are working on drugs to increase T cells to help people fight effectively. That’s great in the acute stage, but what we need to be learning, I think, from this corona crisis is that we need much more resilient bodies and immune systems in future – and we can do that pretty easily with a bit of effort!

First, we can test if we have metabolic syndrome and get a view of what our bodies are up to/where we need to focus. Second, enter the Belly Fat Plan…

Belly Fat Plan

I wrote this eons ago now for people with belly fat – yes – but actually it is all about turning around an unhealthy metabolism and controlling insulin – and therefore inflammation to an extent. Belly Fat is often a sign of metabolic issues, hence the name. Just by following the Best & Worst Foods list and doing nothing else, you can begin to change your body, lower inflammation and increase your resilience to infections and illness generally.

What was that famous quote?

Louis Pasteur quote: It is not the germs we need worry about. It...

or put another way….

What I discovered about the flu vaccine – ÍON

Our bodies are the tank and we need to give it a clean. Nuff said.

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