Update: May 2020: How Have I Been Getting On?

Well so much has gone on since my last update at the start of the year, I thought it was about time I checked in with you and told you how things are going!

You may remember that we had sold our Cornwall house (a massive wrench!) and were renting in Kenilworth, Warwickshire whilst we looked for somewhere else to live nearer to family and friends. Two days after we moved, my brother in law had died of pancreatic cancer very suddenly and my best friend had started treatment for cancer on the day we moved  – and I needed to take a patient break to cope with everything!

We were dealing with all that as well as trundling around the county almost daily viewing places – and finding nothing we liked! I think we viewed 49 properties in the end. We had a few false starts with houses that didn’t progress for various reasons. Happily, we were also enjoying being much closer to family and friends, and especially seeing our new grandson Charlie!

COVID and recoveries..

Then COVID hit. That caused a lot of work trying to keep up with advice and sharing it with you as a series of blog posts (we’re on No. 17 I think currently) and the Purehealth COVID Guidance Document which, at some points, I was updating 3 or 4 times a day! Personally, we had a harrowing time – as have many others, sadly – when P’s brother became very ill with it after returning from India just as the outbreak was starting. We almost lost him several times – and thank you those on the Facebook groups for all your kind support during that time, bless you x – but I’m delighted to report that he came out of hospital last week and is now home! Frail and needing a lot of care, it will be a long road back to recovery for him but at least he’s on that road now. We actually felt more stressed after he’d started to recover – I think the fact that we were holding our breath and experiencing the rollercoaster of news every day for 8 looooong weeks, probably. We just feel like we’re calming down now 🙂

So that is fantastic news. Then almost on the same day P’s brother started to recover, my best friend was called in to see the oncologist. This being very unusual in these corona-times, we all feared the worst, but the miraculous news is that her treatment has worked and her – pretty large – tumour has now gone! Again, everyone concerned felt very strange and didn’t know how to process the news. But ecstatic is not the word! Bit odd not being able to go and see any of them but just glad that both are now recovering. Phew.

House move…

The other bit of good news is that we finally found somewhere to live! Bottom left of this picture, ground floor. It looks very grand but actually it feels really homely – and we don’t have to mow the lawn (yay!) It’s an old country manor house converted into flats. Well, we had to find something special to replace the sea, didn’t we?! One reason we chose it is because it is big enough for our two grandboys to kick a ball around when we eventually see them again. You can imagine me sitting on the bench when I’m having a break between emails, researching and writing!

In the end, we chose a smaller flat out in the countryside a bit further out – near Alcester/Evesham – a beautiful area. The idea is that will enable us hopefully to visit Cornwall a lot too – and we’re half an hour closer than before, which always helps with that long drive! We worked hard to make the move happen during lockdown and moved as soon as we were able. Flipping military operation involving me hiding in rooms, masks, gloves and a lot of teatree oil on door handles etc! But we’re in and having fun (?) ordering furniture on line (surprisingly difficult when you can’t touch and see), leaving the boxes to sit for 3 days and then unpacking and making it! It’s now starting to feel like home 🙂

So, an awful lot has gone on in 5 months, hasn’t it? Blimey. Now I write it down, I see it has been a bit of a whirlwind! I’ve had no time for ‘lockdown activities’ like jigsaws and Zoom quizzes, have I?


I’m pleased to report that my resilience must have improved because I coped admirably with all that going on. I have had no jaw pain or stress migraines. I’ve not lost any foods, in fact I’ve gained a few. I have been doing Qi Gong and meditation almost daily, which has really helped I think. The only thing that’s got me is the horrid new furniture chemical-smell which has given me nasty headaches. I would have bought second hand if COVID had allowed it but we had no furniture (the buyers in Cornwall bought all ours!) so there was no choice but to get on with it or we would still be living out of boxes. That is, at least, a temporary thing and all windows and doors are wide open in this lovely weather to get rid of the pong!


Work-wise, I have decided not to see patients for now still, sorry. I actually turned away 10 potential patients on one day yesterday! Breaks my heart to do it, but needs must for now. I cannot allow the PTSD to trigger again so my aim is to keep things nice and calm for a bit now (ha!).

I have so many things in my head that are trying to write themselves, I am going to dedicate myself to that for the next few months. Hopefully, that will mean lots of lovely new resources for me to share with you. It doesn’t do my bank balance any favours working like this but there you go, as long as I have enough to pay my bills, I’m happy!

One thing I have learned over this past few months is the value of doing things that make you happy. I miss the sea terribly, but I already know we did the right thing to be closer to those who matter. The sea’s not going anywhere and as soon as we’re able, we shall be dipping our toes in the waters of Looe again. Something to look forward to.

So, that’s my news. I know many of you like it when I share what’s going on behind the scenes a bit, so there you have it. Meantime, I hope you are all keeping safe and are coping with these trying times OK. Now I am in a more stable place – literally – do let me know if there is anything more I can do to help you.

Keep well and safe xx

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