Happy 2020!

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Happy new year to you all – 2020 – now that does sound a bit futuristic, doesn’t it?!

Last year was a bit of a weird one, to be honest, so it will be good to see what this year – and decade – brings! In last year’s new year post, I told you we had sold our Cornwall seaside house and were set to move back to Warwickshire. Well, the best laid plans and all that…the sale fell through so we decided to spend the Spring and Summer by the sea and try again in Autumn if we still felt like it. It was a real wrench to leave, but the birth of our second grandchild, Charlie, and some family/friend illness meant that we knew it was the right thing to return to being closer to everyone. We sold the house again very quickly as soon as it went up and moved to a rented flat in Kenilworth, Warwickshire at the end of October.

The flat is a bit small but we are in a beautiful spot right near the castle and old High Street so makes up for some of the loss of the sea!

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Sadly, two days after we got here, we lost a dear family member to pancreatic cancer and my best friend began chemo-radiation for cancer. I was SO glad we had been brave enough all those months before to plan our return!

We have been house-hunting for a few months now but haven’t found much we like so far. I think maybe Brexit and the election here in the UK has made people more cautious. I’m hoping now we have at least one of those over, more houses will come on the market and we’ll find something soon. Otherwise, we might expand our search area to the Cotswolds or even rent in Cornwall for the Summer – who knows? All very exciting anyway and I’m sure it will work itself out 🙂

Work-wise, I got so busy with complex patient cases I feel I took my eye off the ball a bit with other stuff, apologies for that! As it turned out, the stresses of all of the above going on was starting to raise my reactivity and PTSD levels again so I decided to take a clinic break. It hurt my heart and I felt terrible doing it but, in November, I pulled back from patient work and referred some of my patients on, mostly to the lovely Anne on the Purehealth team. Incidentally, Deborah, my other lovely Purehealth clinician decided after 30 years to quit, return to her native New Zealand and has just become a park ranger!!! Go her, I say!

I have kept up the test service and all the other emails (about 50 a day), Facebook group support, assisted by the eminently-able Christine (supplement woman), tons of research and training – and actually a bit more writing (always a stress-reliever for me!). I also added a new Ask Micki service, which costs just a tenner to ask me stuff, so I am still here if you need me; it’s just a bit more controlled now than it was!

I’m going to see how things go with the move in the next few months and review how I feel at that point about taking patient cases back on. Hopefully, most of you have not noticed any difference since it was just the patient work I had to rest from. Thank you so much for bearing with me – especially if you are one of my former patients x

Stuff that I do need to get on with includes revising and updating the ebooks, inventing the recipe books I promised (my Food Woman, Debbie, actually had far too much to do so that didn’t start up sadly) and I am in the middle of my Gut and Autoimmunity courses with Dr Kharrazian. I completed his Brain course which was astounding (see the new factsheet here). I feel I am going to need to communicate SO much fascinating stuff that is coming out of those; maybe a couple of new books are on their way! I did also launch the new Histamine Factsheet here, which seems to have been received well and did a series of blog posts for you on Multiple Sensitivity causes. I plan to do a lot more on that subject as soon as I can.

Health-wise, I am not doing too badly at all now. The migraines and jaw pain (both food reactions) started to increase again with the stress (my main trigger it turns out), hence my decision to take a break. They have settled more now and I even had lots of coffee and chocolate over Christmas!

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My diet is still far more restricted than it should be – still the fruit and nut smoothies for breakfast, home made soup and seafood for lunch and wild fish and veggies for tea, topped off with nut ‘crumble’ and, happily, now a bit of 80% dark chocolate – for the magnesium in it, honest ;). A pretty bloomin’ healthy diet when all’s said and done! My teeth are a bit of a mess after all the gum inflammation caused by the food reactions over the years. I recently lost a couple – eek! – so one of my next jobs is to sort my teeth out. And I reckon the menopause is on its way so I need to start supporting my oestrogen by getting more oestrogenic foods in like soya and linseeds. Oh to be 20 again and not mid-50s; things catch up with you don’t they?!

So, that’s where I am and where Purehealth is currently. As you know, I LOVE new year – and the thought of a whole new decade to create new things upon almost makes me faint with excitement! 2019 was a bit of a toughie in many ways, but also happy as I became a Nanny Micki again, my health improved more and we’ve got a new home to find! My focus for 2020 is quite simple:

  1. Find somewhere nice to live!
  2. Expand my diet even further – I especially want to get bottled/tap water in again so I can go travelling more.
  3. Meditate more – I have been very lax since we moved and my subconscious is feeling it I think!
  4. Write more – what of, I have no idea yet but the process of writing is good for me so I want to do more of it.

What are your priorities this year? What are you up to? Do share – a bit of accountability always helps! In the meantime, I hope that 2020 and this new decade turns out to be just what you need and offers you lots of opportunities for fun, health and happiness. I’ll do my best to contribute to that for you, of course – thanks for being part of the Purehealth family. Go us! x

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