Sort Your Mind Out This Year!

Sometimes don’t you think: ‘Oh, I wish someone would just tell me what to do to get myself back on track in life!‘ Well, maybe this year is your lucky one. Why not start the decade following a programme to increase your mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing? All of those will then inevitably impact on your physical health too: dampening down inflammation, pain, reactivity and much more. It’s sort of what I did in the Healing Plan, which you can see more about here.

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The other thing I did along the way was Rick Hanson’s wellbeing programme,  a brain-training course which I really rated.  I got an email today about it starting again on January 7th so thought I would share it. It has a sale price on until the 3rd Jan. This is an affiliate link Rick gave me – he originally gave me the programme free as a thank you for the work I am doing as Purehealth, which was really kind. It doesn’t cost you any more but it helps me for research and writing time – and you know I wouldn’t share it if I didn’t think it could help you!

Have a look. It might seem too simple, but it’s actually really quite deep and can be life-changing. It will help especially if you are stuck in negative thought patterns. For example, mine was: ‘am I going to react to this food?, I daren’t eat that, I’m going to react etc etc (even though I didn’t think I was stuck in a negative feedback loop at the time!). Yours might be some other anxiety or fear, just not feeling happy any more, a deep lack of self-confidence or self-worth maybe.

I liked it mainly because it gave me practical things to do which made me feel I was always edging closer to getting well. It involves videos, podcasts, exercises to do, meditations, some fascinating ‘expert’ talks and much more. I credit it actually with being one of the first things where I ‘recognised’ myself and realised the role that my feelings and thinking were playing in creating and exacerbating my physical illness – MUCH greater than I thought!

Here’s some info anyway. Watch the video and see if what Rick talks about resonates with you too – then please trust me and do something about it! Just think where you could be at the end of 2020 if you did!

As we get closer to the beginning of 2020, you may be starting to think about New Year’s resolutions. However, as past experience may have shown you, these promises made to ourselves at the beginning of each year are often broken or forgotten as the grind of daily life carries us along, back into old and familiar routines.

Or, you may have found that while you can keep up with a single resolution, it doesn’t increase your overall satisfaction and happiness.

So this year, I’d like to offer something different: 12 Resolutions – one for each month – that together will help you feel happier, stronger, and calmer.

It’s hard to count on the world outside us. So this year, follow my Foundations of Well-Being program and use the science of positive neuroplasticity to cultivate the inner strengths you need for lasting happiness in a changing world.

Starting January 7th, you’ll get an email every Tuesday with access to a new video talk, guided practice, and self-assessment quiz. Sign up by January 3rd and take advantage of the special discounted pricing.

I’ve created a guided path for you to follow, with new tools each week so that you can:
• Feel less stressed, worried, or blue.
• Have more fulfilling relationships.
• Find an authentic, deep sense of self-worth.
• Achieve lasting well-being in a changing world.

Trust me: the work can have a major impact on any physical or mental illness you are dealing with. Why not hold someone’s hand this year and let them walk you through a path to better wellbeing? 2020 could be a much better year as a result!

I hope it helps x

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