Does Brain Retraining Actually Work?

Well apart from my own personal experience and watching your efforts where I can clearly see it does (!), this is a good question to ask.

I’ve been following the Limbic Retraining forum for quite some years now – it’s how I first came across DNRS and Gupta programmes. But quite rightly, as Julie says in this very interesting blog, most of the brain retraining programmes discourage you from being on forums or doing anything where you might come across regular negative brain conditioning, albeit it always very well meant, I’m sure. This is, in fact, why my own Healing Plan and TrulyGlutenFree (closed and private) Facebook groupies are encouraged to be positive, offering support and solutions only.

So, how do you find out how people have got on? Julie did an admittedly small survey recently to ask that very question. And, since it took a long time to see changes in her own reactivity levels, she was pretty surprised to see that changes, for some, came very quickly.

Have a read:

How long before you see results from brain retraining?

HP edition 2  The brain retraining programmes and my thoughts on them are covered in my Healing Plan. As it turned out, I went a different route and used lots of different techniques. I’m a strong believer in following your intuition with this stuff. The DNRS/Gupta type things weren’t right for me at the time, but maybe I might do them again now to get rid of the last little bit of reactivity. I note that Julie had to deal with her trauma triggers/PTSD first before her brain retraining would stick – which is exactly my experience.

Give them a go – the principle of neuroplasticity and brain retraining is a sound one. You have only your reactivity to food, chemicals and life to lose..!


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