5 Ways To Beat Migraine

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Nice reminder today for ways to tackle the dreaded migraine from WDDTY:

5 ways to beat migraines

Some sage advice there.  From clinical and personal experience, I would say you should also consider a gluten related disorder like NCGS (non coeliac gluten sensitivity) which is well known for causing neurological conditions like migraine, food sensitivities in general and hormone imbalance.

With conditions like migraine, I always go through a sort of checklist including several of the suggestions above. It is rare that it is a single factor involved; it is a bit like a perfect storm where several factors occur together and tip the body over the edge. Most often I have found those factors to be magnesium or iron deficiency coupled with a stress trigger (emotional and/or physical as in a food sensitivity such as the gluten) and, in women at least, heightened vulnerability during times of hormone change – and that could be within a monthly cycle, or due to menopause or andropause.

I hope you find your cause or, more likely, causes!


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