Can A Placebo Help Allergy Symptoms?

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Well it seems it can according to this latest study on patients with allergic rhinitis and skin disorders (hives, itching, soreness).

Expectations and Placebo Effect in Allergic Rhinitis

Even though people knew they were taking a placebo and the pills were labelled as such, symptoms improved within a few days. It didn’t seem to matter either whether they were educated about how placebos work or not, or what their expectations were.

I do note that pollen counts dropped between the sessions so you would expect some improvement, but at least the researchers acknowledge that and took it into account, believing there was still a significant difference between active and control groups. They conclude:

Several trials have demonstrated that placebo without concealment can reduce symptoms in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), major depression, and neurosis.1-3 Results of this study suggest that allergic rhinitis can be added to these conditions.

Fascinating. The power of the mind…

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