Best FreeFrom Skincare Winners 2018

As a former judge for these awards, I’m always excited to see what goodies come out each year to help those of us who want freefrom and non-toxic toiletries. Here are the 2018 winners for you – they look great!

Best Free From Skincare Product 2018

You’ll also find the runners-up and category winners there.

This year’s best freefrom skincare product was awarded to Harborist’s very pure Balm-Gel Cleanser, which looks lovely. You can check out the full ingredients list there – not many, which is always the sign of a good, pure product!

Green People deservedly won Best Freefrom Skincare Brand and, of course, they are one of my recommended suppliers on the shop. I’ll have to get Akamuti to enter next year; they should get an award for best TrulyGlutenFree (grain and dairy free) brand. You can see them here. along with my other TGF fave.

Have a read through and pick something new and non-toxic to use. Remember my motto is: when you run out of your usual product, replace it with a non-toxic version. Eventually, your whole cabinet will be non-toxic – and your body’s toxic load will also be substantially reduced, which will pay dividends for your future health!

If you want more info on this, read my free Non-Toxic House & Home factsheet.





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