New Purehealth Supplement & Non-Toxic Toiletries Shop

shop iconTa-dah!! I have now set up a new supplement and toiletries shop for you where you can access pretty much most things you should need day to day – with no need to remember codes or whatnot!

It includes the whole of the fabulous Borlind make-up, skincare, bodycare, hair care, men’s range and suncare,Annemarie Börlind ZZ Sensitiv Pflege Serie mit Blumen

as well as some of my most recommended advanced level supplement suppliers including:

Allergy Research, Biotics, Biocare, Kirkman, Metagenics, NOW, PRL, Klaire Labs and Thorne as well as some we have not easily found elsewhere including Custom Probiotics (and actually customised amino acid mixes – at last!), ProThera and Interplexus.

The shop is run by a fulfillment company who deals with all your orders (yep: I’m not that mad!) and your queries. The postage is £3.76 per order in the UK and they post internationally, for which the cost will be calculated with your order. A few of you have tested it out for me and the feedback so far has been great, phew.

“I think the site is fab and easy to use and great that everything from supplements to make-up is all under one roof! 

“Update on shipping from your site – I ordered Wednesday and it’s just arrived [Friday].  Got emails and text with updates of delivery. So all good 🙂

The new shop hopefully makes your life easier as well as mine. I must link to products to show people the type of thing I’m talking about in emails at least 20 times a day! This way, I can point them to the same place for most stuff. And, I don’t have to say ‘give my name when registering’ or ‘use this code’ etc. So much easier and quicker.

I make some commission on the products as I do with eg. ND which costs you nothing more, but it really helps me! It basically means I get paid at least for some of the time I spend researching, writing blog posts, answering emails, pinning recipes, alerting you to useful stuff and chattering on Facebook (which I do a lot in the groups!). Rest assured: as always, I only ever link to stuff I think is truly going to help you and I think is good enough. I know you know that, but some people may be new and think I’m in this for the money. I wish. I need to pay my mortgage, yes, but absolutely truthfully about 40-50% of my time is spent on unpaid stuff so the commissions help enormously. I can research without worry – and I’m already working on some new stuff now the Healing Plan is finished so watch this space 😉

So, hope you like it and will use it to support me when you need good quality supplements and non-toxic toiletries (from the leading non-toxic range in Europe, no less). Of course, I can’t stock everything you will need as the shop would be enormous, but most things should be there and it is evolving as we go along. In the meantime, you should be able to get anything else from ND and my other trusted suppliers as always here.

So, go and check it out – New Purehealth Shop – any feedback welcome, of course. Enjoy x

PS. Little tip on the search. Sometimes it gets a bit overwhelmed – well it is a new baby! – and says it can’t find the thing you know darn well is there! I find if you just click back again onto the Products tab in the menu at the top right, it resets itself. I’ll work on that 😉



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