‘Text-Neck’ Causing Headaches and Pain

I love that expression: ‘text-neck’! It so describes the way we have our – very heavy – heads forward so much with all our texting and messaging nowadays, it is setting us up for real neck and head problems later on. If we haven’t got them already..ache between the shoulders, stiff neck anyone…?

Some useful advice on this video I saw today for you to avoid it and treat it. Have a look. I like this chap. Have you noticed I am trying to give you more advice on physical medicine too recently; I thought we were missing some of that?

Looking after the structure of our body goes hand in hand (see what I did there??!) with the biochemistry approach of functional medicine and the mental and emotional work of mind-body medicine. Those areas represent a real triangle of care. That’s why I used to be a massage & manipulative therapist when we had the clinic as well as a medical nutritionist and, er, sort-of life coach – or that’s what people used to call me after I’d sorted them out! Sadly, now I think my hands may be shot for the physical work as I did so much of it – although I did do my first shoulder massage in well over a decade the other day and quite enjoyed myself!



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