Mental Health Guru Deborah Joins Us

DeborahColson-speaking Phew, hot on the heels of Julie (clinical hypno) and Anne (nutrition: genetics), let me introduce you to Deborah (nutrition: mental health) who joins us now too on the clinical referral team. Oh, and there’s me – I keep leaving myself out! Micki (director, chronic disease, gluten and ACE disorders).

You can see everyone here so far on the Support page.

Anyway, back to the lovely Deborah..

Deborah and I met a few years ago when I attempted to do an MSc in Nutritional Therapy at Westminster, sadly before I was well enough. I had to be in London two days running every month and just couldn’t get up to do the second day, so had to give up. Never mind: I wrote the TGF stuff instead so it all turned out for the best – and  met Deborah and some other nutritiony friends to chat with, so it wasn’t all bad!

Nutrition for mental health 

I always thought that Patrick Holford’s work on nutrition for mental health was pretty on the ball and read everything he wrote voraciously. Then, he was involved, from memory, in setting up the Brain Bio Centre in London where I tended over the years to refer the more complex cases.

Deborah and I chatted over coffee one day in Westminster and I discovered she was one of the main therapists there so, ever since, I have given her name out specifically to people who need mental health, cognitive and child behavioural support.

Lately, I have been finding people with pyroluria and histamine issues, imbalanced neurotransmitters, magnesium deficiency, brain ‘allergies’ and the like causing anxiety, depression and mental health struggles quite a lot, which is a shame.

So, I sought Deborah out again and asked her to join the clinical referral team for this kind of specialist biochemical help. Happily, despite being yet another busy bee, she agreed:)

I think her biochemical approach dovetailed with Julie’s ‘working on the subconscious’approach to anxiety and depression will be a really strong combo therapy. I often refer for both as the two tend to go in tandem.

Deborah Colson, Functional Medicine, Brain, Neuro & Mental Health  You can see Deborah’s page on the shop here. She works best on phone, email and face to face in London. She really knows her stuff on this and cognitive, brain and neurological conditions and is a lovely, caring person too. She’ll help, I’m sure.

The clinical referral team is almost complete, I think, now! I’m just trying to find a homotoxicologist/complex remedies homeopath and a herbalist to join us now. I’ve a few feelers out, so working on it for us.

Meantime, welcome Deborah from all of us x

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    1. Actually that’s a good point – I meant to put that on the page. I’ll ask her to confirm so we are p to date and then stick it on.

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