Website Upgrade Ahoy!

SO sorry if you are on the purehealthclinic website over the next few days and it keeps changing before your very eyes! I have decided, at last, an upgrade and new look might be nice, so am having fun playing.

So far, I have changed the navigation so you can find stuff more easily – all the Health A-Z Factsheets pop up in a list down the side now where before most people didn’t know there were so many. Just the small job of upgrading every one of those now. I think it will take me about a year!

You’ll also see a colour change from lavender to blue. Why? Well, I set PHC up in 2000 officially (although I have been going as non-PHC for a lot long than that) and the go-to colours that year were lavender and silver. Frankly, I am bored with them, I worry they’re a bit too girly now and the new covers for the ebooks and plans I’m trying to design seem to look much better on screen in blue. Well according to P and my sisters who are the only ones to have seen them yet.

The header photo has to be done yet so don’t take any notice of that and there is a ton of other stuff to do. Next job is adding the tests and ebooks onto the website finally instead of sending you off to a separate shop site. All VERY exciting – a little bag pops up in the corner and everything! Is fun 🙂

Decisions, decisions…

Do go and have a look and tell me what you think so far – this is for you after all!

Hope you like it. If you have any useful tips or comments to make that might help me make it even better for you in future, do tell.

Right, off to do some more, er, work…  


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